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What is Sound Healing?

What is Sound Healing?

People enjoy sound baths. Huge gongs, precious metal sounds and crystal bowls feel delicious. People love live sounds that ripple through their bodies, like getting a massage. Other than feeling divine, we understand little of this process. Why do we enjoy sound baths? What is sound healing? Really?

Most agree that everything is energy. Energy vibrates. Everything-that-we-know-of vibrates. When you count the vibrational pulses, you get a frequency. Everything that you can think of - has a frequency, including your thoughts as you read this!

Your body needs certain frequencies to work. It needs a balanced amount of all frequencies. Your sound nutritional needs can be compared to the rainbow, which has equal amounts of each color in the spectrum. In familiar words, we need vitamins, nutrients and minerals (all frequencies).

People say that you are what you eat, but also you are what you listen to. Using software by, you can observe every frequency in your body. You can listen to a certain sound and then see that your body absorbed it and that it is the same frequency as a nutrient or something else. Before-and-after sound analyses repeatedly prove this. For example, if you listen to the frequency of niacin, a frequency that makes you flush, your face flushes. You don’t have to take the supplement to get the vibrational value of the substance.

Sharry Edwards tells a story of Mary who had rippling arthritis. When Sharry calculated her sound detriments, she learned that Mary needed a certain isotope of calcium. That is like needing a frequency of 6.02… and 6.0 will not do. The easiest way to get precise frequencies is by using a sound generator. Tuning forks are popular with sound practitioners, because they create precise frequencies. There can be a thousand frequencies in-between a musical octave. We listen to only 12 in our music. We need nutrition of in-between frequencies.

Pathogens and viruses have frequencies. Let say a pathogen is 10 cycles per second. The pathogen’s medicine (or sound of 1/10 cycles per second) can overcome it. (10 X 1/10 = 1. The 10-cycle organism can be “canceled out”).

Pathogens and viruses are alive. They outsmart antibiotics by slightly changing their frequency. When overcoming a negative frequency (like that of cataracts), I absorb a “counter” frequency that adds several frequencies that are up-a-little-and-down-a-little, to take away unwanted “wiggle room”. I cancel any slight changes in frequencies that the unwanted organism may create. Musicians often use vibrato, a technique that sounds pleasurable. It bends a note a tiny bit to make it sound pleasing. It also gives the listener a healthier range of several frequencies.

Chemistry shows that our body has many chemical processes, such as digestion. If you insert the cycles-per-second (cps) of each chemical in the formula, the cps-numbers in the formula are mathematically correct. The chemical formula and the mathematics of the sound, both make the equation work. What’s underneath chemistry? Mathematics expressed as frequencies. (Thanks to Sharry Edwards, who spent her life observing sounds in the body.) This mathematics applies to circulatory, excretory, endocrine, immune, lymphatic, muscular, nervous, renal, urinary systems and more.

The language of the body is math, and it is communicated through frequency (much like our languages). Let’s highlight simple mathematics. Let us say that our body needs a frequency of 6 to make the chemical formula of digestion work. A problem is … there are many ways to get a 6 cycle per second energy, as sounds combine. 6 = 6; but also 2 + 2 + 2 = 6; and 3 + 3 = 6. Sometimes the body not only needs a frequency, but needs it in the proper format; it needs 3 + 3 = 6, but not 2 + 2 + 2 = 6.

People love “sound baths”. The sound practitioner bathes people in all kinds of live sounds. They feel incredibly good, which is our clue that they are healthy. (Let’s call these events Sound Smorgasbords instead of Sound Baths.) Why are such sounds so pleasurable?

Our bodies have evolved for millions of years, being bathed in energy patterns and sounds from nature. Harmonics are a rich energy component of sound and nature. A harmonic could be described as an after-ripple pattern of sound. Think of dropping a rock into a lake and after the rock makes a hole in the water, circular ripples spread out from the hole. Liken those circular waves to harmonics.

When Sharry Edwards looks at the mathematics of many body processes she observes that they follow the mathematics of harmonics – naturally occurring components and patterns of sound. Harmonics always rise in pitch according to the same mathematical pattern.

Our music today mainly comes from phones, iPods, radios, TVs, CDs and other digital sources. These devices average harmonics in a sound. What does that mean? Their harmonic pitches are not accurate. They skip many tiny frequencies and the harmonic pattern is disturbed. Mother nature and your body does not average frequencies! Digital sounds are Sound GMOs. Your body requires precise harmonic sound chains. 99% of the music we are exposed to delivers NO accurate harmonic chains. Lack of live music depletes our nutrition. People love the sounds of singing bowls and gongs, because these instruments deliver a diet rich in harmonics – real ones! During a sound bath, I focus on how delicious the vibrations make me feel. That is because they are nutritionally good for me. My body applauds and rewards me with pleasure. Your body releases feel good hormones when it wants you to eat or listen to something.

Not all harmonic patterns are the same, even thought they follow the same mathematical pattern. Sounds place different amounts of energy in each harmonic location. Say the vowel A and then E, using the same pitch. The E will sound higher. That is because the shape of your mouth throws sound into higher harmonics. Your body craves a variety of harmonic sound patterns. That is why someone loves the sounds of a violin and another loves the French horn. At a sound bath, a gold, silver, brass, copper bowls etc., give you a variety of harmonic nutrition.

Our energetic body has pathways (circulation, blood flow, meridians, etc.). At times there is heavy traffic, congestion and being dead stopped with no energy moving. A traffic jams sucks when on the highway, but it is worse in your body. A sound-bath literally vibrates every inch of your body, like shaking a rug to get the dust out of it. The live vibrations of gongs and singing bowls clear blockages of vitalizing energy in path ways. If the listener has intent to heal, stuck emotional energy leaves the body. To heal it, you must feel it. You feel negative energy as it leaves your body. The sounds shake your tissues and the stuck negative energy loosens and leaves, much like shaking a rug to get the dust out of it. I created this process with beautiful and moving music in the CDs The Healing Flower Symphonies Vol I and II.

Our body is a symphony on so many levels. How else does sound improve our health? Is the body rhythmic? Our breathing, heartbeat, pulse rate are rhythms. Recall that a heart beating too fast or too slow is unhealthy. The body requires certain rhythmic patterns and tempos for health.

Each rhythm has a pitch. A drum can have a high, low or medium pitch. In my Deep Wave Body Healing CD, music is featured in the key signature of 13 body organs. So, the heart has a healthy rhythm, pitch and the subcomponents of the heart equate to harmonic pitches, making the organ a complete natural sound pattern. These sound patterns are found in the CD – using special software to create accurate harmonics.

Our body consciousness changes with various brain rhythms, heart rates and breathing rates. The reduced or accelerated rhythm tempos communicate instructions to our body. Once again math is the language of the body, expressed as frequencies, harmonics and rhythms.

Science has shown that our organs enjoy improved blood flow for about an hour throughout the day. Intense energy focus moves to each organ throughout the day. Today, chemo for cancer is “timed” in many hospitals to match these rhythms. The chemo impact is more affective when it is synced to the body-clock. Recall that in a band, each musician shows off with a riff, featuring their musical abilities. One by one, each musician gets the spotlight and does their vibrational thing. This happens in your body as well. Think of your body organs as if they are drummers. Once an hour each drummer is featured. It sings its loudest, enjoys good nutrient and gets in tune. This moving-energy-flow is a rhythm pattern, tied to nature’s circadian rhythms. This internal rhythmic beat is essential for health. Our organs love this daily massage and internal spotlight. It is if we are a drumming circle and we can enjoy a healthy groovy beat that promotes vitality. When we fly into a new time zone, our body rhythm is out of sync with nature, and it takes a toll on us.

Circadian rhythms impact behaviors and physiological processes, such as metabolism and blood flow. An hourglass marks time with the flow of sand, but the body uses the build-up and flow of proteins to keep its rhythms. These proteins participate in important chemical feedback loops.

Medicinal drugs can interrupt body rhythmic patterns. Shift workers[1] that interrupt the body’s rhythms are at risk for sleep problems, gastrointestinal disorders, obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer, problems in the immune system and mood disorders.

Look on You Tube at cymatic videos ( and watch images form in sand from sound energy alone. If you put sand on a metal plate and then chant, the sand will move to the edges and come back into the center. At some points the waves cancel each other out and other places the energy builds up and forms walls or energy blockages. Your skull is similar. The waves in your head are confined by a container, your skull. Think of your skin as the skin of a drum. Your head is like a ball, a ball-shaped-drum. Depending on the shape of the skull, waves hit the skull and comeback at different angles. With one head shape, more energy amasses in an intellectual center, yet in another skull shape the energy amasses in a center that causes physical issues. The energy piles up or depletes due to wave interference patterns. The excess or depletion of vibrational energy occurs in different areas of the brain, which control a distinctive function. How sound and energy move within each skull, creates different personalities, physical and emotional issues.

Your body is harmony, frequency and rhythms. You are truly a symphony. Health is truly being in tune and singing a beautiful song. In this uni-verse, we all have a part to sing!

[1] Researchers Chen, Yoo and Takahashi. AR Pharmacology and Toxicology Report, 2017.

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