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What is Sound Healing?

A.  Everything is energy at its core. Physical, mental, and emotional things vibrate, therefore if you count the number of times that it vibrates in a second, you have its frequency. Energy transfers from one thing to another of the same frequency. You can listen to a tone and its energy transfers to everything within your body and energy fields that is the same frequency. Sound changes you physically, emotionally, and mentally. 

Can You explain what Frequencies are, and why they are important for Healing?

A. Frequencies are in vitamins, body parts, nature and the celestial sky, and more. Healing sounds uplift you in surprising ways. They also feel good. You can do "drive-by healings" for unaware people in the room.


A pitch or frequency is not the only element of music that alters you on every level. entrain your brain waves, circulation, heartbeat pulse, and much more.

I purchased one of your healing audios on Amazon. How long should I listen to start feeling the healing effects?

A. Sound energy is subtle, meaning that it has a small amount of energy. Soundly works quickly on your emotions, spiritual energies, and brainwaves. Longer listening time is required to energize soft tissues and organs. The longest listening time is necessary to alter your bones. The denser something is, the more time it takes to change it with sound.


The more that you listen, the more that you heal. Just as a massage loosens up your muscles, and you need a repeat after a while. Eating one healthy meal is great, but you need a healthy diet for long term benefits.


The music does not have to be loud. Some of the most nutritious sounds that you receive come from nature and the stars. These frequencies are a low volume, and you don't even notice the sounds, but science verifies their beneficial impact. Sleeping with music and meditation on this site at low volume levels is sublimely beneficial.


If you enjoy the music, then keep listening. When the music no longer sounds beautiful, then that is your body's way of saying that it has filled up on this healing energy for now.

Do I need to listen to Sound Healing with Headphones?

A. The sound healing music on this site is frequency-based. You receive frequencies in your ears, skin, and body organs (through resonance). No headphones are required.


The Sound and Light machines do require and supply headphones. This sound healing method creates binaural beats in your brainwaves for great changes.

Where can I buy your books and CDs?

A.  You can find our vast selection of sound healing products

  • On this site and amazon.

  • Musical downloads are handled via Mattson.

  • Videos are dispersed through They allow you to download the videos and stream them through their app so that they don't take up space on your devices. Ask questions for technical support at  Link on site.

  • Audible books are available on  

Can I just take one class from the Master Courses?

A. The Master Classes are grouped into areas of concentration to build your aptitudes, skills, and techniques to heal, manifest, and alter your life. Sometimes there are prerequisites to other sets of skills, as indicated in their flowcharts.

Can I take a Masterclass when I am not interested in the prerequisite class

for that subject?

 A. The courses were built with the intention to provide you not only with the information and the application of knowledge in a format of "building blocks". The pre-requisites have the intention to allow you to have the tools and the means to assimilate in a more efficient way all the information provided on these modules. So, to answer your question, the answer is No. The prerequisites are gateways that will open many windows on your path. 

Do you offer Personal Consultations and Coaching?

A. Yes. In the store, you may select a personal Reading- Energy session. 

Enjoy a past life reading from Atlantis, ancient Egypt, your Star Family, or whatever you choose!  …with renowned sound healer & psychic, Jill Mattson. 

Perhaps, take a trip into your Akashic Records, perceive the deeper understandings of today's issues, eliminate karma, and remove problems from past lives that cause current problems. 

Leave energies that you want to manifest in your energy fields.  

Have an Angel, Ascended Masters, Planetary Being, Atlantean Master, Jesus, Isis, or whomever you choose to channel your session? These masters will also do energy work on you for your physical body, emotional issue, or situation. 
Ask personal questions. Ask details about your life purpose. Ask about past life problems that are triggering today's issues. 
What fun, illumination, and a blessing!

If you would like a recorded copy, please ask Jill to interview through skype or your zoom account where the conversation can be recorded for free. 


 When do you ship orders?

A. Packages are mailed within three days after receiving an order. CDs and books are sent via media mail. Media mail takes typically the same time as priority mail, but occasionally the post office takes longer. 

For international mail, packages are tracked to the USA border. After that, there is no tracking. The time it takes to get a package to you is relatively quick sometimes and at others ridiculously long time (3 weeks-ish). It usually depends on the speed of the international mail system and also the time it takes to go through customs. 

How do I return a product if I don't like it?

A.  All the sales inside this website are final.


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