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12 Sound Healing Collections- Frequency Infused CDs 

to Change your World & Heal your Loved ones! 

Paint Your Soul CD features 18 Solfeggio tones for enlightenment, Fibonacci frequencies & tunes you to nature.

Deep Wave Beauty CD contains the vibratory essences of vitamins, nutrients, collagen, muscles and skin tissues with calming music.

The Cosmic Streams CD tunes chakras with frequencies, rhythmic patterns, colors, elements, emotional subtle energies, Tibetan bowls, and more.

Contacting Angels & Masters CD takes you on an experiential journey to connect with Angels & Masters.

Deep Wave Body Healing CD provides frequencies to tune your body!

Star Dust CD contains celestial music with frequencies derived from the motion and chemistry of the Heavenly Spheres to capture subtle energy from the Stars. 

The Healing Flower Symphonies, 2 CDs, provide vibratory healing benefits of 12 Flower Essences.  The symphonies release negativity and then energetically create ascendance. 

Crystal Realms CD - provides uplifting music with embedded frequencies of 12 crystals & 12  flowers.

DNA Dreams CD – Uplifting music with the tones with the four building blocks of DNA: Adenine, Thymine, Cytosine, Guanine; also included is Uracil (for RNA), Phosphorus, Oxygen, Carbon and Nitrogen, and harmonic chains. 


Sounds of God ~ Divine Invocations ~ Connect to the 72 Divine Aspects of God & the Associated Angels -The sounds of the 72 Names of God and Angels with their proper frequency patterns.

Echoes of God ~ The Light Gene -  Encoded in Human DNA is a “GOD GENE”

Mattson has compiled compositions containing the frequencies of the actual God Gene (VMAT2), which are linked to advanced spirituality.

Seasons of the Skies  ~ The Musical Zodiac - Each song radiates the tones associated with each zodiac sign, plus recordings of the zodiac's ruling planet tone and NASA's taping of essential stars.  All tones are required for health, and we do not receive many in today's music. These tones are also associated with the vertebrae in our spine. 

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