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Compelling Readings & Potent Energy Healing Sessions

Enjoy a personal session with renowned Sound Healer & Psychic – Jill Mattson

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Jill is an “open channel”; this means she can connect with almost any divine being or spirit willing to make contact with her. In a reading with Jill you may “speak” with Arch Angel Michael, Jesus, St. Germaine, or nearly whomever you desire. Jill channels Ascended Masters that you may have been close to in past embodiments… such as Isis from Egypt or Buddha from India. Perhaps you want to talk to your “Star Family”? Do you want to know if you lived in Ancient Atlantis – and what you did in that time? Many people are curious to learn which Angels or Masters are willing to work with them.

While channeling Ascended Beings, their energy flows to YOU. This is a beautiful and unique way to receive an Energy treatment. These energy sessions can be compelling, and like other energy work, you can clear blockages and negativity – allowing the body to heal itself.  In this approach, you receive energy directly (through Jill’s channel) from Ascended Entities! 

Do you know what your life’s purpose is? How about destinies for every past life that you have ever lived? The Elevated Beings that Jill can contact want to help you find your highest path and get your life on track.

Some enjoy a trip to the Akashic Records to learn how past lives may block your current desires – Jill can help you access information in your Akashic Records. Perhaps you lived a past life as an Ascetic and that is blocking abundance in this life? Maybe the root of a current relationship problem comes from a former life – did you know that you can alter past negative energy? You are the author of all of your lives. With love and forgiveness, you can shift the energy you created in your former life. Negative energy can be diminished today by altering emotional responses from events in past lives. With a trip to the Akashic Records you gain insights from past lives and how they impact you today. Further, Jill can help you change past energy to clear your karma. These techniques can make a massive shift in your life today.

Finally, use your time with Jill to create energy flows for manifesting. There are many ways to eliminate blockages to manifesting, empowering your goals, and watching them quickly crystallize into your life today. Readings are a minimum of 30 minutes.

After purchase, schedule your reading by clicking here – Schedule Reading.

** If the available reading times do not work for you, please email Jill at and a suitable time will be arranged **

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