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Nature is your Healing Music

The beat pattern of the rain speeds up and calms down until it slackens to a slight drip-drop. The brittle fall leaves create precise rattle-sounds, rustling, and shaking like a tambourine. Yet, the spring leaves birth fresh and soft rhythms as they wave in the soft beat of the wind. It feels wonderful to immerse ourselves in the healing music of nature.

Tiny “healing music” from animals running, insects buzzing, wings flapping overhead, and even our footsteps provide healing music. In addition to the frequencies of the healing music, the rhythms create a drumming circle. Just as we connect with others by joining a drumming circle and sharing the rhythm, nature joins with us by providing her drumming circle.

Our rhythms reflect who we are to a more considerable extent than we ever imagined. Out personal rhythms are found in our gait of walking, how fast or slow we speak and move, and even our characteristic postures with their unconscious communications. In the Caribbean, this signature rhythm is called your tumbao; it is as unique as your fingerprints. It is the unusual beat that you project!

The environment unconsciously moves us with healing music of circadian rhythms found in Mother Nature. Her beat-pattern of summer, fall, winter, and spring gently guides our moods. Her swing-like movements of more and less sunlight softly rock us into compliance as the days march on. Her drummers provide healing music, and her birds, wind, and rain sing along.

Sound waves interact. That is a fact. Two high crests of a wave double in size when they interact. When a high crest and a low trough of a sound wave collide at the same time and place, they cancel each other out. Sound waves interact and change each other.

Shooting down from the sky are invisible frequencies, below our hearing range, originating from the movements of the stars in the heavens, combining with magnetic currents from underground magma - deep within the Earth.

The magnificence of our uni-verse's healing music. These multi layered waves combine with the rhythms of our breath, circulation, and heartbeats. Rhythms nearby “entrain” and impact each other. We are a fluid participant in the rhythms of Earth.

We naturally sync with the energies and rhythms around us – without any conscious thought that healing music has occurred. The volume of the sound may be too low for us to notice, or perhaps noise around us overshadows the soft energies of healing music.

We submerge ourselves in beat patterns of phone and internet signals. We are in the center of an unnatural irregular drumming circle of cars impatiently honking, fire sirens screaming, people yelling, and frantic hip hop sounds pulsing out of phones. The brain naturally looks for repeating patterns - as we have evolved in nature, and she responds to such patterns of sound. Man’s chaotic drumming without any consistency tires the brain, producing stress and draining our peace and energy.

Our life pace and our hearts reflect sounds from within our bodies as well as from the environment and the cosmos. Consider immersing yourself in healing music. Let your bodies relax and restore with caresses of healing music.

In ancient times, rhythms were a diagnostic tool and used for treatment in health. For example, an ancient Chinese physician measured a person's pulse. He correlated up to 300 health issues with a specific pulse vibration, which is simply a rhythmic pattern. They then used healing music to entrain the pulse into a healthy rhythm.

You are energy. Your mind, body, and feelings are energy, having frequency and pitch. Waves of sound and other waves interact and change each other. Sound waves change you. Want proof? Watch a movie without an audio track. You will not experience the same feelings from the film. The sound interacts with you and changes you. You are a musical instrument, and the sound vibration plays you.

Ancient people understood that some body-processes are similar to the waves found in harmonic cascades. A harmonic is a pattern of sound that occurs after an initial sound. It follows a mathematical formula. In ancient times different instruments subtly altered the body because of their varied harmonic patterns. Their musical scales reflected the harmonic patterns found abundantly in nature. No wonder their music was healing. Ancient healing music copied the pitches, rhythms, and harmonics found in nature. We don't even consider this factor! Yet, our old friend Pythagoras did. Harmonics and nature patterns are incorporated in the music on this site.

Healing music includes rhythms to organize our body’s operations. Our heartbeat, pulse, and breathing change from music’s auditory stimulus. They slow down to allow our bodies to restore when we listen to soft and slow healing music.

Each individual has a different energy. My thoughts, feelings, and body are different than yours. You might need a slightly different frequency than I do to receive optimum healing musical benefits. Some body-parts have consistent frequencies. Organs have similar frequencies, but soft tissues vary. Usually, physically harder things, such as bones, have more consistent frequencies among people.

Each thought and emotion that you think will change your overall harmony and frequencies. So the pitch that you need for your health is different now - then what you need a year from now. The healing music that each need might be different.

Think of the universe as a vast orchestra, and you are a player. The melody changes, and so does the music that you sing. Your pitch slides into tune with others and the changing universal energies.

Our brains release feel-good chemicals to encourage us to listen to healing music that is precisely right for us. Pay attention to the tiniest subtleties in healing music and how healing music makes you feel and where the healing music vibrates in your body. Pay attention to what feels loving, balancing, and calms your energies. Play this healing music!

Over the eons, the tuning pitch for humanity rises and changes as civilizations evolve. Pitches transfer energy to brainwaves and emotions; when we harmonize with different tones, we can master new feelings and thoughts. Humanity's tuning pitch is currently rising. Throughout time the tuning notes of music have always changed! Our healing music slowly rises towards the heavens.

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