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What is BioGeometry?

We are inundated with harmful frequencies… Wi-Fi, 5G, electromagnetic energy fields, negative Earth energies, low-level radiation, microwaves, and more. BioGeometry technology can clear and neutralize these unwanted energies. Combines Advanced Old Egyptian secrets with modern science.

What is BioGeometry?

From Egypt, the cradle of civilization, a modern science has emerged that re-introduces the concept of “energy quality” and its ability to improve our lives and the environment.

The science of BioGeometry® stems from ancient radiesthesia methods of measuring subtle healthy energy – even the smallest subcomponents of subtle energy. Consistent with 40 years of independent work by Jill Mattson, Radiesthesia asserts that all things, living and inert, as well as shapes, symbols and materials, emit waveform or frequencies. All of Nature and Humankind are living energy systems in constant interaction with each other and the external environment, exchanging energy on all levels. The lack of balance in these minuscule subtle energy levels correlates to significant problems in (otherwise) healthy living systems. Fortunately, with BioGeometry solutions, the subtle components of energy can be balanced, altering and harmonizing the energy qualities of diverse things and living systems. The balancing and improvement of these minuscule energies have dramatic impacts on our health and holistic nature.

BioGeometry uses the subtle energy found in specific geometric forms to introduce natural balance to the different energy qualities found in any living system.

BioGeometry was founded by Egyptian Architect and Scientist Dr. Ibrahim Karim (D.Sc./Dipl.Arch.-ETH, Zurich) after more than 40 years of research. Dr. Karim’s breakthrough research discovered beneficial subtle energy in certain locations and aspects of shapes and also in energetic centers of all living systems.

BioGeometry uses proprietary shapes, which interact with the body’s energy fields, to strengthen and amplify highly beneficial energy “qualities.”

BioGeometry is the only science that has been effectively applied on a broad scale to harmonize the adverse effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and geopathic stress (Earth energy grids) on biological systems.

Science cannot measure subtle energy components yet, but it can measure improvements in living systems (people, animals, plants) after BioGeometry shapes and forms use subtle energy to neutralize these harmful EMFs. In a case study in the Swiss town of Hemberg, the mobile telecommunications provider Swisscom worked in collaboration with BioGeometry founder Dr. Karim. As a result of the application of BioGeometry shapes and colors the residents electrosmog symptoms were greatly alleviated.

The Canton of Appenzell in Switzerland commissioned a second project to rid the town of Hirschbergand of deleterious electrosmog effects. The research confirmed that after installing BioGeometry shapes, people’s negative symptoms associated with EMFs were gone. They also measured positive effects on the local ecology from Karim’s shapes.

BioGeometry energy-quality balancing solutions can be used by individuals in their own homes and lives. You can eliminate & improve problematic energies due to: architecture, telecom networks, industrial design, boats, and airplanes (transmute the adverse effects of electromagnetic radiation), structural design, cosmic and earth-energy radiation, chemicals, and artificial intelligence treatments.



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