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This Sound activation resonated profoundly in me. I cried. I could live in these sounds, information & ideas forever! Thank you so much. Lisa in Paris

My whole chest lost all stress and tightness. Then I wept in memory of a moment remembered and forgotten. Oh, the beauty of this awareness. Let go, Whoo Hoo!!! Love love love Jill’s frequencies for higher dimensional healing & teachings! Kelly in Sacramento

Omg. If we listen to these activations all day, we are going to find wings in our backs. Awesomely awesome. That was so beautiful. I felt like I was swimming peacefully underwater, and then I started to sing a spontaneous song — 'We have forgotten who we are, it is time to remember.' Bernice in Vancouver, BC

Magical Jill, When you speak, I can hear the music of the Universe. Thank you for your wisdom and generosity. Thank you Blessings ~ Webcast listener 

“I am so grateful to Jill. She helped me to know about my soul journey. She told me about my galactic origin from The Pleiades and some lifetimes on Earth. Her musical pieces soothe body, mind, and spirit. Thank you both for this wonderful call. Much love to you both!!!!!!” ~ Alleya

“This music soothes my soul….it also feels like a door is opening. This is a sign of me moving forward! You are a gift to us, Jill. Blessings” ~ Mellie

“Yes! I immediately started to cry, but it was due to recognition and remembrance. It felt as if I was so moved by Jeremiah’s love and tenderness when carrying us ‘over.’ Thank you so much!” ~ Barbara

“From the Jeremiah channel, tears came to my eyes, and I felt comforted as if curled up in a loving, gentle hug of a father. How amazing! I have been seeing signs with Jeremiah on them and kept wondering what does this mean? Well, here it is just what I needed to bring peace in my world!” ~ Melissa

Jill, I have tears in my eyes. This was the best interview that I have ever listened to. Thank you. What a profound blessing. Dawn K

Your teachings and work have shifted my sense of self, renewed hope, and faith in what’s possible for my life to impact others.  Liz

"Wow, so powerful! I'm buzzing. I've struggled with eating issues most of my life. I could feel all of the under issues releasing... Thank you." * - Amber in Ocean View, HI

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