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Sound, The Ultimate Healer

Widely diverse theories on the nature of our universe agree in one intriguing aspect - everything in nature has a vibrational component. Masters and visionaries throughout time share the basic tenet that at the most fundamental level, all inanimate matter and all living systems are particle and wave (matter and energy). This energy may be expressed in the range of sound!

Researchers into the body's subtle-energy systems speak of the intricate marriage of matter and energy. A compelling picture is emerging that paints the human organism as a complex of interacting subtle-energy systems. Creative healers have found that sound waves can adjust subtle-energy fields, producing a myriad of benefits, even physical ones. Manipulating components of music, enables a healer to give the body the perfect typed of energy required.

This phenomenon, aka Sound Healing or Vibrational Medicine, is probably the most exciting new frontier in Alternative Healing. Sound is being successfully employed to: remedy many physical ailments, expand consciousness, enhance intelligence, and provide soothing calm for emotional and spiritual needs.

As the sublime example of a sound healer, Sharry Edward's life and work reveal that unique nano frequencies can be detected within our voices and emanate from our bodies. These minute sounds reflect our physical and mental states of being. These sounds indicate whether the body's subtle-energy forces are in proper balance or out-of-harmony. Sharry, a sound healer, discovered that by carefully applying the appropriate frequencies, harmony returns to the subtle-energy systems; the corresponding optimum spiritual and mental states also empower healing and growth.

Sharry was born blessed with an extraordinary sense of hearing, which improved after a near-death experience. Edwards innately recognized that specific sounds correlated to some physical issues. This remarkable sense of hearing was responsible for Sharry's first encounters with the enormous potential of sound. She first experimented, creating harmonizing tones with her voice to alleviate the discordant sounds she perceived in people. Sound was medicine, and if used correctly, sound was a healer.

In vastly diverse examples, Sharry “tuned” people’s body-sounds, which “undid” tonal patterns of glaucoma, emphysema, and traumatic muscular-skeleton injuries.

Dr. Alfred Tomatis was a French ear, nose, and throat specialist. Tomatis invented the "electronic ear" to enable us to hear "missing" frequencies in our bodies and emotional fields due to compromised or damaged ear cilia. Ear cilia were injured or lacking due to physical or psychological injuries and prevented the body from absorbing frequencies required for other body functions. The use of this electronic ear strengthened or even regenerated ear cilia. With intelligent use of sound, can you be a self-healer, as sound can produce precise vibrations that impact the body, personality, and emotions.

Dr. Tomatis believed that the voice is critical in providing optimum health and wellbeing in the brain, body, and consciousness. A full, healthy voice is only possible with a healthy sense of hearing. The voice and hearing play a crucial role in self-healing.

Sound creates body harmony, and then the body becomes its healer in more ways than intelligently employing our voice and sound boxes. Music influences our cells, causes tissues to break down, and diminishes cancerous growths and alleviates skin ailments. On his website, Fabien Maman ( displayed Kirlian photographs of sound exploding helia cancer cells. We overlook the impact of sound and music because we do not observe its subtle effect with our eyes. Once again, sound can be a healer of disharmony, and then the body heals itself. This article reveals a smattering of the research coming out on the powerful abilities of sound as a healer if used with knowledge. It may be a bit of an exhaustive list, but rest assured, there is so much more to healing with sound than the lengthy research below shows.

M.D. Mitchell Gaynor, an oncologist at Cornell University Medical Center, reported that sounds, such as crystal bowls and chants, reduce cancer tissue when coupled with traditional therapies. In 2001 the Cleveland Clinic found that music lowered stress levels and built up young cancer patients’ immune systems. A client's comment cements this idea that sound is a healer of discord in the body: "The sound entered my mind and soul so that every part of me filled with energy. I visualized the cancer disappearing. It felt like a cleansing came over me."

There are so many ways to use sound for “tuning” the body. After sound tunes your body, your body becomes a healer of itself. Dr. John Beaulieu, ND, discovered that tuning forks balance the nervous system, increasing a release of nitric oxide, a key component for healthy tissues and organs. (Blackburn, Zaccciah, "Sound Healing: A Therapeutic Tool for the Future!" ( Pg 2.)

A 1993 study at Michigan State University showed that even 15 minutes of exposure to music could increase interleukin-1 levels, which heightens immunity. Levels of endorphins increase, and stress hormones decrease with the proper healing tones, which further improves the immune function. Even beautiful music is healing. Healers use techniques to create these body responses when appropriate.

The vibrational pattern of sustaining chords lowers blood pressure and raises with accelerated and jumpy rhythmic patterns. Melodies affect the tension in the larynx, which tightens when exposed to descending cords. Dr. Tartchanoff reported that music affects muscular activity. When the music is sad or involves a slow rhythm, a decrease of muscular activity results. (Tame, David. The Secret Power of Music: The Transformation of Self and Society through Musical Energy, Destiny Books: Vermont, 1984, Pg. 137.) Sound alters us and can be used by healers in powerful ways.

Music can also relieve muscle tension and improve motor skills, rebuilding physical patterning skills. Researcher Michael Thaut, Ph.D., heads- of the Center for Biomedical Research at Colorado State University, used musical therapy to aid stroke victims. He says, "The brain's motor system can use rhythm as a timekeeper to guide and organize physical functions. Listeners of 30 minutes of music a day showed improvements in walking faster and steadier." The rhythms of music entrain the rhythms of the body! Rhythms are a component of sound healing. Healers use beats to stabilize the body’s rhythm patterns.

Ongoing studies show that improving a sense of rhythm and timing may result in significant improvements in the development of:

• Cognitive skills

• Language processing

• Social communication

• Planning and sequencing

• Attention and concentration

• Control of impulsivity

• Endurance and strength

• Motor function

• Balance

• Bilateral coordination

• Reading and math fluency

In 1999 a university professor at the University of Miami and later Michigan State saw levels of melatonin in Alzheimer's patients increase, helping people become more active when the patient listened to music and improving their sleep. The surprising healer, music, was a hit with these patients.

When hearing certain music, your body produces healthy biochemicals. "Music stimulation increases endorphin release, and this decreases the need for medication. It also provides a distraction from pain and relieves anxiety" (Research conducted at an Austin, Texas Medical Center & Harvard University Medical School.) According to a study by the Journey of Advanced Nursing, people who listened to music an hour a day reduced their chronic pain by 20 percent. It is not surprising that patients notice the impact of healing music and sounds.

Evidence shows that listening to the appropriate music heals our body intonation, which allows the body to heal itself. Sound can:

• Lower BP

• Stabilize heart rate

• Relieve depression

• Reduce pre-treatment anxiety

• Enhance concentration and creativity

• Lessen the need for sedatives and pain killers (during and after surgery)

• Reduce nausea after chemotherapy

• Manage pain

• Improve the stability of people with Parkinson's disease.

Sound and music are the new kids on the block. Sound healing has made its impressive debut.

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