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This is such an amazing book-- it is bound to be a classic and I hope your publisher gets it world-wide-- it is too valuable a tool for only the New age crowd. Adam Geronimo


WOW!!! Awesome info!  You are extraordinary at explaining complex subjects in understandable layman's terms.  I hope you know what a rare gift it is to be able to do that.  There are so many experts in many fields who simply cannot translate their knowledge into terms the public can understand. Laura P


Your info helped me put the solfeggio tones into even greater context then sound form and I feel it is a big part of the unifying principle as it manifests in multiple forms. You tying it into mathematics, molecular structure, etc helps me make sense of it in a much more integrated way.  Thanks for that bigger perspective.  It is a foundation allowing my mind to accept the remarkable potentials of what I am doing that frees me to stop questioning the MAGIC!  I feel ok calling the work I do alchemy since it enables extraordinary and fast transformation, but I'm not ready to call myself an alchemist because I don't know how I do it or what principles it operates on.  Maybe now my mind will quiet down and just be happy to play in the magic, knowing it is grounded in such a unifying divine principle as you have so amazingly brought coherence to in my mind.  BRAVO! Laura Pierett


Your teachings in Ancient Sounds Modern Healing are clear, bountiful & mind-bending...Margo S.

Your Teachings and Books Heal Me… 


"We are entering the new era, Jill. I feel so much hope now. Our world is finally going to heal. The tables have turned in favor of humanity and the truth will set us free:) Your teachings and books heal me. AND your music will heal our hearts... the earth so needs YOU at this time!" 


 Ancient Sounds Modern Healing 


This book was provided to me by the publisher through NetGalley free of charge and with no compensation in exchange for an honest review. I had already known some of the basic ideas behind using sounds for healing.  This book took it many steps farther though.


I was completely enthralled when the author, Jill Mattson.  You will learn quite a bit. I have to admit that this book took me a while to read.  Mainly because she would provide websites as examples and I would be off in a flash visiting that site and meandering through it.  So yes, I got sidetracked by all the nice little tidbits that she shared. If you want a better look at how sounds can affect our body, minds, and spirits, then you need to read this book.


In Ancient Sounds Modern Healing I learned a lot! When I first thought of the idea of the alignment of the planets at the time of birth etc... I had no idea that it was already being done! I could not put your book down after I started reading it. I had researched most of the people that you had interviewed for your book, but you got to the important parts nicely! It was very informational and just what I was looking for! Lyn Fitgerald

Ancient Sounds, Modern Healing 5 Stars Steve M

Ancient Sounds Modern Healing blew my mind. I had thought of sound healing as the use of the sounds of bowls and tuning forks. I had no idea that sound and music can change your brain waves, health, energy, astrology, and a host of other things!

What was really neat about this book was that it reviewed free and cheap ways to use sound for an amazing variety of benefits...all in one book... like a way to use sound to get sleep...

There was a review of ancient masters of sound healing and modern science, to drive home the power that you can have with simple sounds and selections of certain music.


Ancient Sounds Modern Healing is a scholarly, comprehensive outlay of both ancient and innovative contemporary wisdom in the field of sound/frequency healing. The information and practices give a brilliant template for the future of transformation and is an extraordinary contribution to the planet at this time. Fascinating and mind-bending!

Jill Mattson is a gift of love, light, and wisdom to the world. Her highly developed talents in writing, healing sound and music, and visionary art truly are contributions of upliftment and transformation. She emanates the creative spirit so needed at this time in our history and teaches us how to shift into the new world age.  Kennedy Hassett Braden executive director of The Evolutionary Heart  and Future of Health, Licensed HeartMath Provider, and associate of the Institute, Writer, teacher, healer, speaker worldwide

Dear Jill, Some of the depictions of Sri Swamiji's music (in your book) and especially the narration were most impressive. I found the co-relation with various factors of science, arts, culture, and nature to be prudent for a rational thinker. Overall it was inspiring and brilliant.  Vamshi Krishna Ghanapathi


Jill, OH! This is truly beautiful and sacred work.  Dyan

ANCIENT SOUNDS - Square size.jpg

Hi Jill, I loved reading Ancient Sounds Modern Healing. It was packed with so much information in that one volume that it seemed to be bursting at the seams. I couldn't get enough. Thank you so much for impacting my life through your words, your art, and especially your music. I really appreciate you. Donna Luhrs

Dear Ms. Mattson, I wanted to formally write to say your book, Ancient Sounds Modern Healing, is brilliant and I absolutely loved it. It is such an amazing collection of interviews, funny asides, and deeper truths. Since I got it in the mail I've had a hard time putting it down, except when i was doing my own experiments with sounds.


I initially bought your book because it was one of the few published works I could find online that referenced the solfeggio frequencies, which I've been studying and using for my own music and healing for the past year or so. Reading further and further in, I discovered so much new information that instantly resonated with me. I also learned about binaural beats (with the help of Osborn Ratticus, of course) and created several beats of my own. I took the consciousness expansion a step further when I read your excellent interview with Dr. Jeff Thompson. The part about fundamental frequency sounded really cool, so I recorded my own voice with some of my favorite affirmations, and lowered the pitch 3 or 4 octaves to see what it would be like to "hear" myself on that deeper level. Whoa! That was fun to do. I never knew about that before. Then, I combined that with my new theta binaural beats (made with solfeggio tones) and... Whoa again! Now I listen to my new creations to relax before bed, and I have to say not only do I sleep better, but my days have been nothing short of magical, inspired, and, well, pretty much divine(triple-whoa). 

There is nothing better than sound that is in true harmony and I want to say thank you for inspiring me to not only come up with these great sound experiments but also for all the ideas I got to incorporate these healing sounds into my own music. It's all very exciting,  and as someone who is also interested in real history/alternative history (I mean it, I've researched a lot),  I totally loved the approach of looking at sound from the accounts from antiquity and secret societies.  It's amazing-- I'm sure a lot of this information has been kept very secret for a long time, and it's all such a revelation for those of us who are looking for ways to heal the energy of the planet in the now. 


So...basically I just want to say I feel lucky I got to check out your book, it was exactly what I needed to read right now. Thank you universe, thank you internet!  And thank you for putting together such wonderful work. I had way more fun reading it than I did with  Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse. Haha! best, Chris V

Ancient Sounds ~ Modern Healing by Jill Mattson. Have you ever begun reading a book only to be transformed in some way as you turned the last page? 

Ancient Sounds Modern Healing will take you down your own particular rabbit hole.  For me it was an incredible journey on so many levels.  Whatever you may think about music and its relationship to you – Jill Mattson will expand your awareness of music in ways that you never knew were possible.

Jill writes with a passion and love that reflects her lifelong quest to illuminate the gift that music is to humanity in all its manifestations.  Through personal experience, interviews and research Mattson takes the reader on their own kind of magical mystery tour.  This tour includes life-transforming research and solutions for many health issues.

One of the stories that profoundly affected me was to learn how music helped free an enslaved people.  A very dear neighbor who was born in Estonia and grew up elsewhere before coming to Canada passed away three years ago.  He was a gentle and loving soul.

The people of Estonia up until the beginning of the 20th Century were enslaved people.  Half the population of Estonia came together and for five days and five nights sang in unison – non-stop!  This collective act gave rise to the courage and hope needed to seek their freedom.  There are other stories that elaborate on the role that music played in the fate of ancient societies.

The expression 'everything old is new again' becomes an important underlying theme of this book. Mattson's incredible understanding of the significance of music throughout thousands of years of human history becomes a game-changer of sorts.  For example, we are just rediscovering the Solfeggio Tones.  Why did the Catholic Church' bury' these healing tones?  How is modern science using the Solfeggio frequency of 528Hz to affect DNA?

Is it possible that each of us has our own 'inner sound' and if so what are the implications?

Why some did cultures give to each newborn their own song and valued this as much as giving them their own name? 

It took modern man until 1952 (physicist Winfried Schumann) to quantify the earth's electromagnetic resonance phenomenon. What is the relationship between the musical note F# and the Schumann frequency of the earth?  How did the Chinese emperors of old know to have F# as the tonal note of unity throughout their empires?

This is but a small glimpse of what I mean by going down one's own rabbit hole.

Albert Einstein once said, "Everything in life is vibration". Mattson's gift of making the complex understandable allows the reader to grasp a range of quantum relationships between music, vibration, and some of the most vital aspects of life. No small task!

Jill Mattson is an accomplished musician, composer, artist, and writer.

Ancient Sounds Modern Healing is a must-read … Enjoy!

Review was done by Howard Bertram, Carleton Place, (Ottawa) Canada

Inventor and Founder of Mutech - Music Technologies Inc.

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