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Ancient Sounds ~ Modern Healing
Book by Jill Mattson

Ancient Sounds ~ Modern Healing


Filled with secrets from age old cultures, combined with the latest findings from today’s scientific community, ANCIENT SOUNDS ~ MODERN HEALING takes the reader on an extraordinary journey revealing the immense power and healing capabilities of sound.

Jill Mattson guides us along this mind-altering adventure using the knowledge that she has acquired from her life long study of Antiquity and Secret Societies. These Secret Societies used sound as a profound tool to transform consciousness and to create physiological changes in the brain and body. This knowledge enabled masters to heal mind, body and soul - thousands of years ago.

Ms. Mattson makes the secrets that she has uncovered - accessible to all. She mesmerizes and empowers the reader with her unique knowledge and cutting-edge interviews with scientists, researchers & practitioners in the emerging field of “Sound Healing.” After this fascinating voyage, the reader will place sound in an entirely new realm - one in which “sound & music” are practical tools to improve health, emotions, intelligence, energy and well being.

Jill Mattson is a prolific Sound Healing Author, Musician & Composer. Drawing upon her extensive knowledge of the field, she now lectures on the “Healing Power of Sound” throughout the United States. ANCIENT SOUNDS ~ MODERN HEALING has been translated into numerous languages and enjoyed worldwide.

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