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Home of Power

Praise for Jill Mattson's Home of Power ~ Life of Light:

House of Power is a must-read book for these times! Would you like your living space to feel peaceful, clear and energized with happiness? The incredible truths found in Home of Power ~ Life of Light will help you create a home space to manifest your optimal Life! Jill Mattson hand delivers the Wisdom of the Ages, page-by-page in this incredible HOW-TO book. You will understand how to create your home space for any desired end and shift the energies around your living space to reach your fondest goals. The details in this book are LIFE CHANGING! I highly recommend you implement this wisdom today!
Darius M. Barazandeh JD / MBA, CEO, You Wealth Revolution Network

In this precious work, House of Power, Jill shows you how to create the perfect environment for your finest existence in multiple ways. Most self-help books tell you how to live your Life through the techniques of the speaker. In contrast, Jill creates the space that allows you to go inside to celebrate the perfect intrinsic plan for YOUR divine path in the universe.
Journey with Jill to create your impeccable self from the outside in. Using color, shape, thought, sound, and exquisite energy consciousness, Jill explains how you can create the perfect environmental energy hologram to expand and integrate your place of liberty and expansion within this grand moment in time.
Sharry Edwards World famous Creator BioAcoustics, Founder of Sound Health

Jill Mattson is one of those multi-disciplinary personalities that can affect positive change in our world. She uses Music/Sound as a path of knowledge that binds artistic and scientific disciplines into one holistic approach. This unity builds an all-encompassing, scientific paradigm using the extended laws of Music that are found in Ancient Universal Harmonics, which include sound, shape, number, and color. This is the world of Jill Mattson. I recommend this paradigm transforming work entitled House of Power to the expert and the layman as well.
Dr. Ibrahim Karim, Ph.D., Dr.Sc., Founder of BioGeometry


My experience of Home of Power - the feelings, awareness, and realizations that entered me, fully and deeply- activated below-the-surface memories of--and learnings from--ancient civilizations I had lived in; and when I absorbed your book it communicated into my being. I felt the knowledge completely entering and engulfing my body and energy field, which felt full and expanded. A felt awareness accompanied this--it was more than an intellectual idea or thought--that if/when one person reads a book and absorbs it deeply, it activates everyone. Everyone. It felt like not just activating all readers of the book or watchers of the videos, but all of humanity. This knowledge was a way of seeding the collective consciousness. For me, it was a felt sense of the essence, intentions, messages, and contents entering into me, being deeply absorbed by me, and flowing out into each collective member. Pamela G

Moved into a New Level of Coherence with My True Self

"I was deeply and totally moved into a new level of coherence with my True Self today while learning about Jill Mattson's (a truly gifted sound alchemist, healer, writer, composer, and artist) new work, What a gifted soul! So grateful! I'm so joyful and excited about all the amazing energies, knowledge, insights, and processes coming through the veil for us all now!!" 

L. Pierett

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