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Star Dust Testimonials

5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful Touching Music, By Mike Connor 

I really like the wonderful music that Jill has created. It is soothing, yet moving at the same time. Some of my favorites are "David's Song" and "You're In Me", but all the music on here is wonderfully touching and relaxing. I came across Jill accidentally by listening to a radio program where it just happened that she was being interviewed that day, and I am sure glad I did. Her music has changed my life in specific ways. A straightforward example would be that I have a lot of trouble getting to sleep at night. By turning on her CD at bedtime, it has gotten much easier to fall asleep, and the sleep has been much better.

Depending on your mood, the music can also touch you emotionally. It can provoke sadness and tears if they are there in you but in a good, cleansing, healing way. Good art moves people. Well, her music has the power to do that in an exceptional way. I would urge anyone who is not familiar with her work to try this. You will be amazed at what you hear and its effect on you, particularly if you are in a quiet, contemplative mood.

Hello Jill!   I came home from work just last Saturday and my wife said I have bad news - Jasper, our old pet bird is dying, he has been laying in the back right corner of his cage; hasn't moved all day long. It is very sad for me to see. I put in your Star Dust CD, and my wife gets MAD and says, "Take that opera stuff downstairs if you want to listen to it." I speak up, "Its healing music, let the poor bird dye in peace!" She says, "I WILL GIVE YOU FIFTEEN MIN. THAT'S IT!" I go to the kitchen for a bite of food, and after about 15 minutes, I'm heading back to the living room, and my wife meets me near the doorway – "I will give you a half-hour!" I look across the room, and Jasper is standing on his open door, saying his name, and popping around to his seed and water dish. We looked at each other, and she says that animals get better just before death, but Jasper is still eating, drinking, talking, acting normal, and its Tuesday night. I think Something great may have happened!   thanks, Jill            Wayne York


Hi Jill, My head never stopped buzzing long after I stopped listening to it. I love all the subtle and differing sounds in the background and of your hauntingly beautiful voice as well. When I listened to Stardust again today, it was like my head was vibrating inside, kind of hard to articulate. Your music will certainly have a positive effect on me.
Love and Light, Karen

When I listened to Stardust while I wrote it, tears were streaming down my face towards the end.  Thank you for such beautiful, moving music.   I sense that the music just flows through you, perhaps more through you than of you, though I am sure you have much to do with it.  It reminds me of what Jesus said, "It is not I, but the Father who acts through me."   Mike K

Hi Jill:  These days,  I feel very spiritually connected and guided, and I am not at all surprised that my heart chakra caused me to find your music. I have your CDs  play on a non-stop loop during the night, at low volume, as background music.  I noticed that the first time I did that, I slept better. It's been a few days now, and I am experiencing exciting changes in my overall mood.  See, I suffer from manic-depression type 2 (the kind that swings more towards depression than towards mania).  I also suffer from social anxiety.  I am not on any medication because when I tried them in the past, the benefits, gave way to a series of unpleasant side effects.  

Well, it's been now a couple of weeks that I've been listening to your music, and I have noticed positive changes in my behavior.  For example, I've started enjoying being outside rather than staying in; I've been going to the gym more regularly; I feel the desire to connect with people which is quite new to me; when it's time to make decisions, the mental process feels more tranquil, and I reach a decision faster; I feel less affected by the unpleasant moments that life at times gives me; I eat more healthily without forcing myself to do so; etc. etc. etc.  

I believe that it's far better to listen to your music on a speaker than using headphones because we don't listen just with our ears only, but with our entire body, and I want to literally "bathe" my body with your music.  Thank you for your great work!  Fabio


My music tastes are all over the place, and I do like what would fall under the 'new age' and soundscape category. Still, for quite a while, I have had the 'heard it before' syndrome...kind of like standard American Chinese food, after a while, you notice that all the food kind of tastes the same.  I haven't bought a CD of any sort in a couple of years because of it.  Not so with your music.  Hard for me to classify it, but it actually sounds otherworldy as opposed to being a simulation or copy of Something otherworldly.  Of course, I appreciate the themes and sound healing angle as that has always been a lingering interest of mine (that's why I bought your books too)...but what compelled me to buy was what I heard.  So I followed my impulse and bought the lot!  I'm looking forward to indulging my ears.  Jeff

Hi Jill: I have been listening to your Stardust CD a lot! One day when I was singing It's Time to Go/I Love You and Always in the car to myself, I had no red lights!! This was funny, as this never happens. I just zoned out into a place of pure relaxation, so I never even noticed until near the end of my commute, where there are a lot of red lights, that I was almost there. 

Since I have started to listen to the CD, many good things have happened. I have been offered the chance to write a chapter in a legal textbook, and one of my articles was chosen to be published in an online magazine. Both of these were firsts. Your music is so healing and wonderful for me to listen to! I cannot thank you enough. Sometimes the songs make me cry, but I know they are healing tears, and I am always thankful. Thank you for making this beautiful soul-soothing music!! Best wishes and lots of love to you, dear *sister*in the light, Darlene


5.0 out of 5 stars Something about it...By Lee 

I have to say that I am new to the domain of sound healing but from Jill's extensive research and work, it does appear that the science is there to back up her claims. I have listened to this song with the intention of allowing it to heal me, and I must admit that the music helps me find a deep peace that is often lacking in my day to day life. It just makes me feel good, that is the only way I know how to describe it, I believe it puts my body into the parasympathetic mode which allows me to rest and digest :) Bonus: The music is great also!


Uplifting and serene!  Maria                           

What an awesome creation, I can't stop playing it. I feel so peaceful, the sounds are so healing. I use it during my healing sessions with clients. They all ask for it. Thanks~ Beautiful music that lifts me up - mind, body, and soul.     


Hi Jill, I think you are one of God's many angels, and you have chosen to embody to assist humankind. Pamela Mongrandi


This CD made me feel like I was rising out of body. I felt like I was doing a Sema ritual and actually rose closer to heaven. I felt pressure on the top of my head as if I was trying to burst out of myself. Rebecca Gonzala


When I listened to Stardust while I wrote it, tears were streaming down my face towards the end.  Thank you for such beautiful, moving music.  I sense that the music just flows through you, perhaps more through you than of you.  It reminds me of what Jesus said, "It is not I, but the Father who acts through me."   Mike Smith

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