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Seasons in the Sky

The Musical Zodiac


Seasons in the Sky IS Zodiac Energy for All

In designing Seasons in the Sky, Mattson recreated the energy of our most influential Stars and Planets in 15 original tracks. These otherworldly emanations constantly bathe our planet in positive & negative frequencies. These celestial energies work on us at multi-dimensional levels.


All celestial bodies constantly produce energies at unique frequencies. The energies released by the Zodiac Constellations contain all defining attributes of Mankind – in perfect form. Listening to Mattson's "Zodiac Music" restores the frequencies that are missing or out of balance in your system.

In addition to the Fundamental Frequencies for each Zodiac Sign, Mattson includes actual NASA recordings of sounds released by well-known powerful Stars and Star clusters – such as Sirius, Pleiades, Crab Nebula, Regulus, and more.


For Optimum Health it is essential to have the presence of 12 key frequencies - at the proper levels - in our bodies and energy fields. When we listen to music today, we receive predominately three notes/key signatures (C, D, G). However, we require 12 frequencies for optimal health. The entire gamut of Fundamental Frequencies necessary for vibrant health is included in this musical collection.


The twelve Seasons tracks containing the Fundamental Frequencies of a Zodiac Constellation also have the “Ruling Planet” frequencies associated with the particular Zodiac Sign involved. The earliest masters of Astrology were the Sumerians and Vedic Astrologers. In these original traditions, planets were associated with Zodiac Signs. These ancient mages determined that when the starlight from a constellation entered our solar system one planet most strongly amplified the incoming starlight and resonated with the Zodiac energy.


This Collection consists of 15 tracks, for a total of 62 minutes. Each track contains unique frequencies, naturally emitted from the heavens above, in an uplifting listening experience!

Perfect healing – fulfilling – energy is available from the Zodiac frequencies regardless of your need or plight. Available comprehensively in Jill Mattson’s “Seasons in the Sky”.


Seasons In the Sky ~ The Musical Zodiac ~

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