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The BioGeometry Home Energy-Balancing Kit was developed and tested as an individual home solution, to be used to reduce the symptoms suffered from environmental stress.The one cube home kit covers an area of approximately 3000 sq. ft.The 1 Cube Home Energy Balancing Kit includes the following:

1 x Home Energy-Balancing Cube.

1 x BioGeometry Clearing Tray

3 x Electricity Attachments. ( labeled with E ) 1 x 16/19 attachment ( labeled with E.P. )

2 x Water Attachments 8 x L90 Stickers (Version 2019)

Instructions for use:

Home Energy-Balancing Cube


Place the cube in the home on a light-colored surface or a plain white sheet of paper with the text on the bottom. Try to keep a 10 cm radius of empty space around the cube. Ideally, the cube would be placed on a small side table on its own so as not to accidentally place objects near it, thus reducing its effect.


Avoid placing the Cubes on top of or beside electrical appliances, in front of mirrors, inside closed drawers, or near large metal objects. 


The cube should be placed on the accompanying BioGeometry Clearing Tray for 5 minutes every day(if it is forgotten on the tray, it’s not a problem, but it is not working at its fullest while on the clearing tray). It is recommended that the cube be cleared right before bedtime every night.

*Note that if adding any additional cubes, they need to be a minimum of 15 meters apart for the best effect.


 Water Attachments

Place one water attachment on the main water pipe entering the home and the second on the hot water pipe using double-sided tape or plastic cable ties. 


Electricity Attachments

One electricity attachment should be placed on the main circuit breaker panel using double-sided tape. If applicable, an additional attachment can be placed on the home's electricity meter. Do not cover the attachments with any packing tape. 


The Panel should also have one 16/19 (E.P.) attachment in addition to the E attachment. 


Any extra E attachments can be attached to electrical wires beside the bed and other devices around the house using plastic cable ties. 


Accompanying L90 Stickers

2 x L90 stickers should be placed on the home’s Wi-Fi router. No specific orientation is needed.


1 x L90 sticker should be placed on the home smart meter if applicable


1 x L90 should be placed on a window on each of the four sides of the home (total 4)


Additional L90 stickers can be placed on the TV, home wireless devices, and mirrors. 


BioGeometry is not a form of medical diagnosis or treatment but is a long-term environmental support for the body’s energy system and all types of treatment. Under no circumstances should BioGeometry products replace professional medical treatment.

Home Kit

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