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Energize your Spiritual DNA


Did you know that specific frequencies can penetrate into your cells and profoundly influence your unique genetic code? Explore this mind-blowing concept with the latest sound-healing composition from Jill Mattson! Jill has long studied the science and development of sound healing, working to understand the dynamic relationship between the vibrational frequencies of sound and the impact it can have on the human body.


During her research, she became familiar with the work of Dr. Dean H. Hamer, who wrote a provocative book titled "The God Gene". Dr. Dean Hamer's research demonstrates that a specific gene within us, called VMAT2, is related to the expression of human spirituality. Sharry Edwards of Sound Health Options has graciously supplied three frequencies for VMAT2.


Mattson's "Echoes of God" is a fascinating personal experience using select Sound Frequencies embedded in pleasing musical compositions to harmonize and bolster our very genes. The deep human drive to seek a higher spiritual connection is written indelibly in our DNA - in every cell of our bodies. We hope you will enjoy this unique application of sound and elevate your entire being.


70 minutes total - 18 songs

Echoes of God ~ The Light Gene ~

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