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The 72 Names of Angels and Gods


Since the earliest of times, great masters have taught about the benefits of reciting the names of God and angels. Listening to and reciting these names have been linked to early enlightenment, improved health (tuning and balancing the body’s organs), raising your awareness and consciousness, and more.

When additional syllables are added to the names of God, you have the name of an angel. Included in these videos and mp3s are

the sounds of the 72 Names of God and Angels.


One can access the 72 names of God with research, but never before has anyone had the proper pitches and frequency patterns of the angels. Mattson has recreated the musical tones to link to each angel. Never before have you been able to listen to the 72 names of God and angels with the resonant pitches that amplify their presence. Also, there are correspondences for each angel, such as a linking planet, zodiac sign, herb, color, gemstone, and more. Many of these things have frequencies. Their sounds are in the background of the angel names and frequencies soundtracks. Enjoy the most powerful connection to angels and aspects of God, that man has ever known.

Divine Invocations ~ Connect to the Divine Aspects of God & Angels

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