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  • A CD with Beneficial states of Consciousness to influence Physical Body Well Being
  • Absorb Vibrational Energy that Invigorates and Tunes Healthy Body Organs
  • Enjoy Added Healing Frequencies: Elemental Energy Sounds, Schumann Earth Tones, Anti-Inflammation Tones, Pyramid Energy, Sacred Geometry and more Healing Subtle Energies


Ancient wise Masters established conscious control of their physical bodies, specifically the organs. When they detected disharmony within an organ, they tuned it to harmony, which they associated with the health of the organ. In this meditation, establish healing connection and tuning of organs, with the help of frequencies associated with healthy body organs.


This CD arose from a vision that I had, in which I saw people in ancient times for VERY LONG lives. One of their secrets to a healthy long life was to clairvoyantly and clairaudiently view the subtle energy of their organs and body systems. If they were harmonious and healthy, their organs emitted white light with rainbow splashes or colors. Each organ had a unique song or sound, which was harmonious - when healthy.


When the organ’s harmony slipped, it became dark-colored and sounded nasty. With conscious intent, ancient wise people remembered the beautiful feeling, colors, and sounds of the healthy organ. They simply felt this wonderful feeling, sang its sounds and "imaged" its beautiful colors. These actions transferred healing subtle energy to organs within their bodies. They felt these feelings until their organs were once again completely in tune, harmonic and radiating beautiful colors. The organ had healed itself!


Easily one can scoff at the idea that emotions and particular frequencies are associated with organs. A scientific study by Paul Pearshall PhD., Gary Schwartz, PhD, and Linda Russek, PhD, studied the emotions people received from organ transplants. For example, a 47 year old male received a heart from a 17 year old black youth. He expected to discover a liking for rap music, as he had heard that transplant recipients take on the likes and emotions of the organ donor. He assumed a young black person would like rap music. Surprisingly, he discovered a new found love for classical music. When participating in the scientific study, he learned that his donor loved classical music and died hugging his violin case on the way to his music lesson. In a very real sense, we deposit emotions in our organs. We can discharge the negative emotions that we store in our organs, and this CD meditation teaches you how to do this.


I understood that we could do this today. The Deep Wave Body Healing CD teaches you how to connect with the consciousness of thirteen major body organs. You too can recognize what they feel like when healthy. 


The CD literally gives you the sounds of healthy organs and their harmonic cascades – just as was done in ancient times. Further, there are techniques of elemental healing along with the cathartic release of negative energy - which ancient wise sages associated with individual organs.


I have been doing this and I memorized the feeling and sounds of healthy organs. When I get a little pain, I connect to the organ, and use my intent, to restore harmony to the organ. It is a beautiful technique to enable us to become the "master" of our physical bodies.

Deep Wave Body Healing - Physical CD

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