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Jill Mattson is delighted to introduce The Crystal Singing Pearls! A set of 8 quartz tuning forks, based on the major scale with A = 432Hz. These powerful instruments are beautifully crafted from pure crystal quartz and can be used for a myriad of healing and empowering applications, accurately delivering, targeted energy from vibrating quartz crystals.


Just like real Pearls, Mattson's Crystal Singing Pearls are rare treasures of great beauty and value. A wonderful gift for a loved one or a wonderful instrument for the dedicated Spiritual Seeker! The Singing Pearls are natural wonders.


Made in the tradition of other unique Crystal Instruments - designed and commissioned for production by Jill Mattson - the Singing Pearls are an important new product for the serious Sound Healing Enthusiast or Professional. These are heirloom quality and are as powerful as a set of crystal bowls - that cost much more. They are easy to use and convenient to transport in their own safe, portable metal carry case.


Tuning Forks have long been a mainstay of Sound Healing Practitioners. From ancient times, masters and healers have understood that the direct dosing of specific vibrational frequencies was an effective technique to impart the beneficial properties of sound energy. Tuning forks are an excellent tool to perform do these techniques.


Mattson has taken the ordinary metal tuning fork and exponentially enhanced the efficacy. By using pure quartz crystal as the vibrating matrix - instead of aluminum, the typical tuning fork material of construction - an unrivaled vibrational tool results. Light workers acquainted with Mattson have probably read about, or even used her 432 and 528 quartz forks. The Singing Pearls are made through the same process as these. But now there are 8 pure crystal tuning forks included in one set covering the range of C4 - C5; ~257 to 514 Hz.


Tuning forks are the best means of producing a desired vibrational frequency. They are reliable, accurate, and easy to use. Mattson works with talented craftsmen to ensure that these unique tuning forks are created with great precision. The unique ability of crystal quartz to produce the purest frequencies is astonishing. Once struck, the matrix of quartz crystals vibrate in-sync releasing pure intonations that ring and resonate - maintaining harmonious energy for long intervals.


Each Fork/Note has its own unique energy!


In her many years of research Mattson has learned that the musical octave C4 - C5 based on

A = 432 is a profound tool for Sound Healing... with the Singing Pearls, you have a wide-ranging toolbox to produce 8 frequencies for a wide array of uses. 


Use one to inspire creativity, another to open the heart, and yet another for its soothing & calming properties. Through the principles of resonance, one fork will be more appropriate when working with the liver, another with the lungs, and yet another with the immune system. This truly is an all-encompassing set. The 8 Crystal singing pearls create the "rainbow notes," the notes of the musical scale - based on the healing scale of A=432 Hz. Each note is associated with a range of emotions, thoughts, chakras, as well as with the healing of portions of your body and mind. This set of 8 forks covers tones needed for the full gamut of emotions, thoughts, spiritual attainment, chakras, and physicality.


Set a fork vibrating and "wave" it over the body or lightly place the handle on a chakra. The possibilities are immense.

Crystal Singing Pearls

$1,349.00 Regular Price
$1,097.00Sale Price
  • Precautions and care for Quartz Crystal Tuning Forks:

    Congratulations on purchasing a very unique instrument - the Quartz Crustal Tuning Fork. These are truly unique and by observing simple procedures & basic care they will last many years.

    It is very important to realize the tuning fork that you have acquired IS fragile. Have no doubt that if you drop it, or strike it on a hard surface or if your are too vigorous with it, damage will occur!

    The best analogy we have is: You do not damage expensive glassware when you use it in the way it is intended. We feel this is exactly what our tuning fork customers need to do.

    The required precautions are simple:

    • Obviously do not drop or bang the tuning fork. Store it in the box provided. Keep the white foam pad that comes in the box. and always put it on top of the tuning fork inside the box. Store the tuning fork someplace safe and do not subject it to cold temperatures. Never use the tuning fork until it has warmed to room temperature if it is subjected to cold temperatures.
    • Only use the rubber headed mallet (resonator) that comes with the tuning fork. Do not strike the tuning fork with the wooden handle. >Note: we are now supplying a much smaller mallet with the tuning forks. This should help prevent breakage. However, if a user strikes the tuning fork too hard damage could still occur.<
    • Only two "rules" are needed for using the tuning fork:
      • DO NOT STRIKE the tuning fork TOO HARD. This seems like common sense but the results show that people have struck our tuning forks much too vigorously. Give the tuning fork a moderate strike near the top third of one arm. Try to hit it square with the rubber head of the mallet. This is enough to start the tuning fork vibrating. Stronger blows accomplish nothing. It is the duration of one's exposure to the frequency that matters. Hitting the tuning fork harder bestows NO BENEFIT.
      • If the tuning fork is vibrating, DO NOT strike it again until the vibrations have stopped. Hitting the tuning fork while it is vibrating is very dangerous. This situation can set up a destructive shock wave in the arms of the tuning forks. Cracks or complete failure can occur if the user strikes the tuning fork repeatedly. This is the same phenomena that occasionally causes bridges to spontaneously topple down. A destructive standing wave is generated which can literally tear apart the fork.
    • Beyond these cautions only reasonable care is required to keep your tuning fork in good condition. Once you have used it wipe off fingerprints with a clean, soft cloth. It is important to never use harsh detergents on the tuning fork... do not submerge in water, do not put in a dishwasher... scratches are very bad as they start a weak spot for future cracks and breaks (just like any glassware!)


     "Tuning Fork Breakage" Policy:

    • Customers MUST contact us immediately on receipt of a broken tuning fork (same day or at worst next day). If a customer does not notify us immediately upon receipt of a damaged tuning fork. We must assume that the tuning fork did not arrive broken unless we are notified immediately.  Pics of damaged tuning forks are required. We will replace tuning forks that arrive damaged. However, notification even two days late, would not be covered by this replacement guarantee. We have shipped many hundreds of Tuning Forks all over the world and damage in shipment IS RARE.
    • For customers that have their tuning forks for over two weeks: we will not replace them under any circumstances. We are convinced that with proper care and following the above instructions the customer is just NOT going to experience any problems.
    • For the in-between situation where a customer only owns the TF for up to two weeks -we will handle on a case-by-case basis. For justified complaints we will offer a replacement tuning fork at cost. Customer pays the shipping.
    • No returns or replacements will be accepted after two weeks.


  • There is a 20% restocking fee to return this product.

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