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The “L90" pendant combines several BioGeometry forming principles to create a field of natural energy-balancing qualities. The L90 helps balance the body’s vital, emotional, and mental subtle energy levels from environmental stressors such as electromagnetic fields and geopathic stress.

The “L90" is notable for being resistant to impregnation, and does not need to be placed on the BioGeometry Clearing Plate.

It is recommended that the BioGeometry General BioSignatures & "L90" pendant be worn together on a constant basis


Dimensions: approx. 3.4 cm x 1.6cm
*Chain not included


BioGeometry is not a form of medical diagnosis or treatment but is a long-term environmental support for the body’s energy system and all types of treatment. Under no circumstances should BioGeometry products replace professional medical treatment.

BioGeometry L Pendant Gold finish

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