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Ancient Sounds ~ Modern Healing


Filled with secrets from age old cultures, combined with the latest findings from today’s scientific community, ANCIENT SOUNDS ~ MODERN HEALING takes the reader on an extraordinary journey revealing the immense power and healing capabilities of sound.


Jill Mattson guides us along this mind-altering adventure using the knowledge that she has acquired from her life long study of Antiquities and Secret Societies. These Secret Societies used sound as a profound tool to transform consciousness and to create physiological changes in the brain and body. This knowledge enabled masters to heal mind, body and, soul - thousands of years ago.


Ms. Mattson now shares the secrets that she has uncovered - in a way accessible to all. She mesmerizes and empowers the reader by combining her unique knowledge with interviews from cutting-edge scientists, researchers & practitioners in the emerging field of “Sound Healing.” After this fascinating voyage, the reader will place sound in an entirely new realm; one in which “sound & music” are practical tools to improve health, emotions, intelligence, energy and well being.


Jill Mattson is a prolific Sound Healing Author, Musician & Composer. Drawing upon her extensive knowledge of the field she now lectures on the “Healing Power of Sound” throughout the United States. ANCIENT SOUNDS ~ MODERN HEALING has been translated into numerous languages and enjoyed worldwide.


Table Of Contents

Prologue: 7

Introduction: 10

Chapter 1: Mysteries of Swamiji Sri Ganapati Sachchidananda Swamiji 11

Chapter 2: Sound Made Visible Cymatics 41

Chapter 3: Brain Mapping Laurie Monroe 50

Chapter 4: Sound and Light Machines Michael Stevens 58

Chapter 5: The Magic of Sound 71

Chapter 6: Wonderful World of Listening Tomatis Centre 83

Chapter 7: Music of the Spheres Harold Grandstaff Moses 92

Chapter 8: Healing Sounds Jonathan Goldman 110

Chapter 9: A Revealing Encounter 123

Chapter 10: Ancient Solfeggio Tones David Hulse 125

Chapter 11: Stars are Singing to You Ani Williams 138

Chapter 12: A Star is Born 148

Chapter 13: Taming Emotions 166

Chapter 14: The Cosmic Symphony Jeff Thompson 182

Chapter 15: Music of Earth and Stars Fabien Maman 192

Chapter 16: Songs of the Earth Tom Kenyon 216

Conclusion: 224

Excerpt: The Lost Waves of Time 233

Reviews and Reader Comments of Ancient Sounds ~ Modern Healing 


Wakela's World
"...The author not only provided the ancient history about the use of sounds and music, but also the more modern scientific beliefs behind it. She also provided alot of great references. I suggest you visit each of the websites that she provides throughout the book. You will learn quite a bit."

Lyn Fitgerald
In Ancient Sounds ~ Modern Healing I learned a lot! When I first thought of the idea of the alignment of the planets at the time of birth etc... I had no idea that it was already being done! I could not put your book down after I started reading it. I had researched most of the people that you had interviewed for your book, but you got to the important parts nicely! It was very informational and just what I was looking for!

Ancient Sound Modern Healing - paperback

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