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The 528 crystal fork massages the heart, amplifying love and your energy. It makes your energy feel like a fountain of joy. If you are in your head, not feeling love, the 528 doesn’t have that much to resonate with. But even if are experiencing - even a little love and heart energy, it will magnify that. All heart - loving energy is magnified, which is extraordinary! This is good individually and with groups! Interesting, 528 hertz was able to clean pollution from the Gulf of Mexico after the BP Oil Spill.


The fork is louder if you have the same frequency as the fork in your body and aura. This reason for this is that through resonance, energy is amplified. The fork sounds louder as your body ingests this healing frequency. It is if the 528 frequency bounced back between the crystal fork and the love energy that you are feeling and it keeps increasing in volume. For example, when you don’t have the 528 in your aura, the volume of the crystal fork decreases. When you are feeling love, the 528 fork is louder. If you wave the fork in your aura, it will amplify the joyous and upward feeling of love.


You aura will have these beautiful frequencies in some places and not others, but just wavering the fork around you fill you up with this healing energy everywhere. Continually allow the crystal tone to stroke your aura, that is, take the vibrating crystal fork up and down your aura 6 – 12 inches from your body, until the tone is loud everywhere. It will feel wonderful! And it removes pockets of negativity in your aura and body.


Yin and yang forks are superb for balance. These two crystal forks are like that; one draws you in for healing and one pulls you out for healing. Think of one as creating and massaging low temperatures and the other as providing high temperatures. Speaking of temperatures, going from hot-to-cold, and cold-to-hot has incredible health benefits. Likewise, there are wonderful healings from using both forks.

528 Crystal Tuning Fork

$169.00 Regular Price
$133.00Sale Price
  • Precautions and care for Quartz Crystal Tuning Forks:

    Congratulations on purchasing a very unique instrument - the Quartz Crustal Tuning Fork. These are truly unique and by observing simple procedures & basic care they will last many years.

    It is very important to realize the tuning fork that you have acquired IS fragile. Have no doubt that if you drop it, or strike it on a hard surface or if your are too vigorous with it, damage will occur!

    The best analogy we have is: You do not damage expensive glassware when you use it in the way it is intended. We feel this is exactly what our tuning fork customers need to do.

    The required precautions are simple:

    • Obviously do not drop or bang the tuning fork. Store it in the box provided. Keep the white foam pad that comes in the box. and always put it on top of the tuning fork inside the box. Store the tuning fork someplace safe and do not subject it to cold temperatures. Never use the tuning fork until it has warmed to room temperature if it is subjected to cold temperatures.
    • Only use the rubber headed mallet (resonator) that comes with the tuning fork. Do not strike the tuning fork with the wooden handle. >Note: we are now supplying a much smaller mallet with the tuning forks. This should help prevent breakage. However, if a user strikes the tuning fork too hard damage could still occur.<
    • Only two "rules" are needed for using the tuning fork:
      • DO NOT STRIKE the tuning fork TOO HARD. This seems like common sense but the results show that people have struck our tuning forks much too vigorously. Give the tuning fork a moderate strike near the top third of one arm. Try to hit it square with the rubber head of the mallet. This is enough to start the tuning fork vibrating. Stronger blows accomplish nothing. It is the duration of one's exposure to the frequency that matters. Hitting the tuning fork harder bestows NO BENEFIT.
      • If the tuning fork is vibrating, DO NOT strike it again until the vibrations have stopped. Hitting the tuning fork while it is vibrating is very dangerous. This situation can set up a destructive shock wave in the arms of the tuning forks. Cracks or complete failure can occur if the user strikes the tuning fork repeatedly. This is the same phenomena that occasionally causes bridges to spontaneously topple down. A destructive standing wave is generated which can literally tear apart the fork.
    • Beyond these cautions only reasonable care is required to keep your tuning fork in good condition. Once you have used it wipe off fingerprints with a clean, soft cloth. It is important to never use harsh detergents on the tuning fork... do not submerge in water, do not put in a dishwasher... scratches are very bad as they start a weak spot for future cracks and breaks (just like any glassware!)


     "Tuning Fork Breakage" Policy:

    • Customers MUST contact us immediately on receipt of a broken tuning fork (same day or at worst next day). If a customer does not notify us immediately upon receipt of a damaged tuning fork. We must assume that the tuning fork did not arrive broken unless we are notified immediately.  Pics of damaged tuning forks are required. We will replace tuning forks that arrive damaged. However, notification even two days late, would not be covered by this replacement guarantee. We have shipped many hundreds of Tuning Forks all over the world and damage in shipment IS RARE.
    • For customers that have their tuning forks for over two weeks: we will not replace them under any circumstances. We are convinced that with proper care and following the above instructions the customer is just NOT going to experience any problems.
    • For the in-between situation where a customer only owns the TF for up to two weeks -we will handle on a case-by-case basis. For justified complaints we will offer a replacement tuning fork at cost. Customer pays the shipping.
    • No returns or replacements will be accepted after two weeks.


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