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Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls are the ultimate instruments to accompany and complement any type of Energy Work or Sound Healing application. The bowls are versatile - there are an incredible number of ways to use them. The crystal bowls increase the power of any evoked positive energies and effectively attract higher energies and entities.


An important addition to our portfolio of Crystal Instruments - A high-quality twelve-inch frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl. The bowl is a perfect "C" note based on the 432 Hz. scale. A sturdy carry case  and striker and a silicon "O" ring base are included with the bowl.


These singing bowls are made from the highest purity quartz crystal and they are truly heirloom quality. The Quartz composition gives powerful properties: it is piezoelectric and can emit electromagnetic frequencies as well as sound energy. Quartz is a crystal found throughout the Universe and the Crystal Kingdom is 5-D, helping us easily elevate to higher dimensions.


The frosted white bowls produce full, sonorous tones that ring on and on with incredible harmony. There are beautiful interplays of resonances and after-tones. Bathe in the perfect energy that endures for a remarkable length of time. Even a beginner can easily produce powerful true frequencies from these bowls. The notes form a spiral of energies helping convey us upward, elevating and freeing us from the bindings of the material world. Soar on to higher dimensions.

12 Inch Crystal Bowl, case and striker

$459.00 Regular Price
$397.00Sale Price
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