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  10 Physical Sound Healing CDs

  • Paint Your Soul CD - 18 Solfeggio Tones for Enlightenment. Fibonacci frequencies – tuning to nature.
  • Star Dust CD is derived from the motion and chemistry of the Heavenly Spheres to capture subtle energy from the Stars. 
  • The Healing Flower Symphonies (vol. 1 & 2) provide vibratory healing benefits of 12 Flower Essences.  The symphonies release negativity and then energetically create ascendance. 
  • Deep Wave Beauty CD contains the vibratory essences of vitamins, nutrients, collagen, muscles and skin tissues, making you look and feel beautiful.  
  • The Cosmic Streams CD tunes chakras with frequencies, rhythmic patterns, colors, elements, emotional subtle energies, Tibetan bowls and more.
  • Contacting Angels & Masters CD takes you on an experiential journey to connect with Angels & Masters. Deep Wave Body Healing CD – Use Ancient Master’s Techniques to tune your Body – uplift with Harmonic Healing!
  • Crystal Realms CD – Enchanting Music with Frequencies of Healing Crystals & Flower Essences!
  • DNA Dreams CD – Build and tune your DNA for upgrading your life!



    10 Sound Healing Bundle!

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