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Paint Your Soul

Jill, As I listen to your music for the very first time, I felt it immediately begin to minister love, Peace, and well-being to every cell in my body. Frankly, that hasn't happened ever in my life. I felt every cell coming into perfection as I closed my eyes to breathe in this amazing music. Thank you!!! Much love, Michael Murphy


Dear Jill, I was afflicted with a very bad head & chest cold on Sunday.  That evening I could not sleep at all, and nothing in terms of medicine was working. I decided to put ALL of Jill's CDs in my carousel and played them as I lie down.  During the music, everything that was blocking my respiratory system, throat, and the digestive system began to remove itself from my body.  It was truly a breakthrough that enabled me to fully recover the following day & enabled me to do my talk show with a regular voice & energy. Jill's music is truly powerful and is very much on the cutting edge of a rediscovery of ancient remedies healing the body, mind & Spirit.  Gary D. Purifory Co-Owner of The Community Listening Network


When I listen to your beautiful CD my cares melt away and I feel the illusion of fear dissolve. I experience the truth of light and love when I listen to your music.  Anne L

Dear Jill, I cannot express how much your music has affected me. As a spiritual practitioner and consultant, I am so moved by the music that you have successfully created and the art that you have managed to capture on canvas and express your Soul. Your work is of a realm that most are striving for, reaching, and acknowledging and can use to assist them in self-discovery and awareness.  The Universe blesses you, honors, and celebrates you, your assistants, and all that you have humbly provided. You are one who has recognized your gifts and abilities and has offered the world an opportunity not only to share but to use and discover their own talents.   Noemia


Greetings, Jill.

You have a beautiful voice - pure and fragile. Your melodies feature a holistic, mathematical approach, which takes people outside of the pop-influenced melodic sound of commercial New Age. Taxi Music co.

The one-person musical package melodic meanders through each track evoking ethereal and swimming melodies reminiscent of New Age Artist, Enya, and of British singer, Sarah Brightman.  Derrick News


Dear Jill

When I first listened to your music, I found the music somewhat disturbing. It made me feel as if an uncommon force was being exerted over me. I was if a mystery was confronting me. But he more I listened, and the more I thought about it, I realized that it wasn't a mystery, but a revelation. The revelation of what might have been, and unspoken perfection, a truth lying deeply buried beneath the accumulation of rubbish in my life.

You see, I found in your music a hidden secret, the unconfessed part of myself, that I know to be the truest, most precious, and the most sacred part, which I have steadfastly ignored. Dr. Michael Lagan

Jill, Today I've decided to share with you my intake of your beautiful music. Not something I talk about much as it's a deeply personal story. When I was 8 years old I nearly drown and had a life after death experience. Long story short, your music is as close to the sounds I experienced in that near-death experience than anything I've ever heard. Weird but true. Forty-plus years has strewed many memories but not this one, it's as clear as it was when it happened. I hope my story makes you feel more like a little angel than anything burdensome or heavy.  Judy F

Dear Jill, I put your CD in the player and went on to do my business, but it did not take me long to drop what I was doing and come back to the source. A big WOW!!! The words calming and invigorating do not quite accurately describe the feeling it evoked. At a loss for words and that is unusual for me. Geraldine S


Dear Jill, While listening, I felt deep healing happening. I was sitting at my computer and when the CD ended, I felt such profound Peace and Lightness. Even though I was in the thinking mode while listening to it, the music resonated right into my being. It is truly healing music for your Spirit and your Soul. Anne


Jill, OH! This is truly beautiful and sacred work.  Dyan


What an awesome creation, I can't stop playing it. I feel so peaceful, the sounds are so healing. I use it during my healing sessions with clients. They all ask for it. Thanks, ~~~                

                        Beautiful music that lifts me up - mind, body, and Soul.


  • Hi Jill, I just received your Paint Your Soul CD  Wow, it is truly incredible.  When I close my eyes and listen to it I feel like I have died and gone to heaven.  I can feel it transforming me even though I don't know what's happening.  You are incredible!!!  Thanks so much for putting this cd together! Tanya T


  • I received your beautiful cd's and listening to Paint your Soul now. An interesting tidbit, Sounds are amazing! Blessings, Karen R.


Hi, My spirit guides led me to your site. I knew you were out there. I have been healing since age 12. With my spirit guides, I could heal anyone who had the desire to live. The work you are doing must be extremely important or my guides would not have insisted I contact you. I send you my Love, David


Dear Jill, God expresses perfection, beauty, and everything good in some music. It bridges the separation of God in my life when I am not able to connect the bridge by myself.  Thank you for such a bridge.  Jan

I listened to Jill's music last night and this morning, and I am getting so many things done that had been sitting on the sidelines and cluttering and distracting me. Why is this? Jill's music has:

  • a "universal" musical quality – ethereal "space music" yet purposeful and anticipatory of things to come

  • Angelic vocals, a primitive beat reminiscent of a human heart beating and native American medicine's rituals by firelight

  • Resolution of tension sometimes soft and melodically- sometimes humorously such as the oboe and flute duet playing off one another – almost reminiscent of an Irish jig…but rendered gently with a soothing melodic like a "happy ever after" story.

  • A haunting quality at times of a lonesome voice in a vast wilderness or void, and jarring patterns as if almost comical – or another spirit's footsteps nearby – sometimes melodramatic in a theatrical way, bringing to mind the phantom of the opera or the Adams Family TV show

  • Like bathing our beings in healthy vibrations, welling up from her research into sounds and music and how they heal

  • Her e-newsletter stretches and expands our thinking, clearing a neural pathway for us heavenward, like Jacob's ladder spiraling upward.

  • For example one, song resolves into an ominous symphony of ups and downs into a chanting like a background, bringing to mind monks in a monastery and the pa-rum-pa-pa-pum refrain the haunting Christmas carol.  And only Jill could explain the weird unexpected turn, which resolves into angelic vocals and bells - concluding like a choir! Judy Stitt


When I opened the downloaded free mp3's your site offered and listened to one I found myself rising so high I had to turn it off to be able to purchase your products. Margaret P.


Your music uplifts, making the heart happy.  Just before bedtime, I clicked on your music and immediately felt the energies dancing in both the crown and third eye areas, and so I thank you deeply for your work, and for providing those free mp3's. Margarette P


I fell asleep with your music on my ears and woke up around 4 am to turn it off.  The only thing I noted was dreaming of God, a lot.  I mean a lot more than normal.  I am so glad we met, it was not an accident, and nothing is. Susan R.


Jill, You've been highlighting the good, bringing healthy things to life. Jill has researched the ancient secret sounds, (amazing stuff!) frequencies that affect every fiber of our being.  She discovered some music was taken out of our lives, at times, the church didn't allow anyone their own music, of all things – in the dark ages. The rabbit hole is vast. Her work has had a great influence on me.  Her music CDs contain the energy - oxygen (and other elements), what we need more off.   Jill had tuning forks made for various healthy frequencies (what the populace is lacking) that she plays along with her singing, her violin and so much more.  She is a one-woman band as well as creating the artwork for the CDs and more.  You'll see at her website the books she has written, paintings and more about her.  Her music is peaceful, heavenly, you can feel healing, wanting to cry, releasing pain – and if stress sums up ill health, one should be getting rid of this baggage daily or it builds up aka poor health. Rayelon at Rumor Mill News radio


Being a musician (trumpet player and a singer) I've always been fascinated by the transformative effects of sound, and when I found your site and heard some of the demos I was blown away! Al Cambrola


Dear Jill,  Thank you for your music.  I can't live a healthy life without it. Katie Richardson


I normally crash at night, ready for sleep at day's end. I sleep heavily and don't dream, but those nights I want to unwind, I play Jill's sweet musical creations. It could be those mornings I wake up early with various "downloads" for the day that the previous night was filled with heavenly notes. :) CJ

You are so wise Jill...thank you for doing your part in uplifting and raising the vibrations and frequency of the planet in these exciting times.... I send you my deepest gratitude, Sandra M


This is beautiful uplifting music.  When I listen, I feel at peace, and the stress of the day melts away as the energy flows through me with magical healing power.  Jill's angelic voice takes it all one step higher.  A wonderful CD.      Marty Stride                           


Deep Peace, for hours.. MP


"Paint Your Soul" represents one of my most intriguing encounters with music yet:  It brought tears to my eyes at first, and weeks later, it still leaves me in a state of contemplative quietude hours after listening. Now it seems to be part of my psyche, has helped me come to feel "at home" with Peace (not only fast-paced productivity and efficiency) ... some of its melodious phrases well up in my mind at unexpected moments now, reassuringly, like old friends to remind that Peace awaits at the end of the day. This wistful, soulful, haunting "water"/"space" music including the mysterious Fibonacci Numbers & Solfeggio Frequencies + Jill's lovely ethereal, echoing voice + wise lyrics + sweet nature sounds -- all combine to provide one powerful, very satisfying total experience from the entire CD (a cumulative effect which cannot be extrapolated from partial song clips) that I might sum up as:  Love (Paints Your Soul) => Peace.... Judy Stitt

Resonates the Sacred Geometry within your Body & Soul bringing deep inner peace.  author: Anne Christine Tooley                           


5.0 out of 5 stars Serene and Relaxing, By Mia 

Jill's music is beyond the realms. It is so relaxing and soothing. The music takes me to a place of total bliss. Awesome~~~ Thank you Jill.....well done.


5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent, By Earth Dweller 

Jill's music is unparalleled and unique in its potency to provoke emotional healing. Every piece has a vibratory message that carries you deep into the realm of your own Soul. I guess this is why it's called 'paint your soul'. It really does! She has an understanding of music's power for healing like no one else I have encountered. I have found that each time I listen to a song, it gives different results. Overall, listening to Jill's work has been a colorful and vivid journey into healing. So much gratitude for your work! Thank you.


5.0 out of 5 stars Unique, Delightful Music, By DT 

This one gets 5 stars. I like all of Jill Mattson's music because it is embedded with healing frequencies, using sound techniques rediscovered from ancient times, but two CD's are my favorites, this one and Deep Wave Beauty, because they speak in general terms of pure creative musical expression, so that the average person can listen and enjoy without understanding the technical sound secrets used to enhance well-being.

I love the angelic voice and the way Jill connects us to higher realms. It seems as if music communicates through her effortlessly. This CD is a mastery of expression and emotion. Very creative use of instrumentation, tones, and rhythm, plus meaningful lyrics...a unique style that is all her own which delights us as we absorb her sounds.



5.0 out of 5 stars Magical Music, By Mike Connor 

Jill has created and sings music that is both relaxing and healing at the same time. I sometimes listen to Paint Your Soul while working at the computer and the work seems to flow more or less effortlessly. Then when the music ends and I do not notice it at first, suddenly, I realize that I have become tense and too task-oriented. In other words, Jill's music facilitates getting into a state of flow.

It is also profound and has brought me to tears on several occasions when listening in a contemplative moment.

"The universe sings when love is what I bring," says it all about this album. It is as though the universe is singing through Jill. Absolutely beautiful and unique.



5.0 out of 5 stars Heavenly Music That's Healing, By JZ, Wyoming - 
The music is very calming and peaceful to my inner self. To give an example, when I learned an adult I knew had verbally said some unkind things to a young adult I also knew, internally, I became very upset. My "Mama Bear" wanted to come to the defense of this young adult. I decided to listen to Paint You Soul and before the CD was over I was in a space of peacefulness instead of all wound up and furious at the offending adult. The outside situation had not changed but my inner core had changed and I was able to relax and live in the present moment again. Thank you Jill for creating such heavenly music that is so healing to my Spirit!


5.0 out of 5 stars Blissful CD - Paint Your Soul, By Bobcat385 

I found this CD to be breathtaking as I have found all Jill Mattson's CDs to be. You just close your eyes and you are transported to another world. You can feel strange things happening to you. You don't understand what is actually taking place but it feels very good indeed! It is most relaxing and also when you have listened to the CD several times you feel much better than you did before. I feel like my brain and body are actually receiving a calibration. I think Jill Mattson is an incredible human being and I highly recommend all her work. Thank-you Jill Mattson!!!


5.0 out of 5 stars Compositions to enjoy endlessly and again, By Robert Burns 

The poet Alfred Noyes once wrote "music, that is God's memory." In the work of Jill Mattson, one comes to grasp Noyes' meaning. The CD "Paint Your Soul" goes beyond the aim of healing at which Ms. Matttson aims. It brings the listener into a calm and quiescence that provides a different way to exist in our tin can, noise, rush-about culture. The tonality and proportion of notes the music of her compositions in this CD  bring the listener to refreshment and rejuvenation. What strikes the listener is the fluidity and waviness of her compositions allowing one to almost enter reverie and a dreamlike habitat. It takes a unique talent to extricate us through music from our concerns and troubles and come to the harmony of disposition. Uniquely, Ms. Mattson has the ability to take a composition such as Pachelbel's Canon in D in her CD "Cinnamin Present" and infuse it with the same mode of healing, awakening, that she provides in "Maidens Prayer" in her CD "Cinnamin Past." I rank Jill Mattson's work with such artists as Susumu Yokata, Shinji Ishihara, Ann Sweeten, Vangelis, Kitaro, and Thomas Walker. In fact, in her ability to move one into "reverie" and the oneiric state of childhood (to which one should always repair at times in one's life) I consider Ms. Mattson unexcelled.


Dear Jill, on David's song, in Paint Your Soul, when I am in the car in traffic, and it usually clears the traffic within minutes!  Of course, I use your music for all sorts of other reasons too!  I love it all Dorethy Ludky

Song for David brings tears to my eyes whenever I hear it.  Your work evokes feelings, especially spiritual feelings. I have trouble getting to sleep at night and so just following my intuition last night I put "Paint Your Soul' on and it really worked to get me to sleep.  When I awoke later in the night, I repeated it and it worked again.  Your CD Paint Your Soul is continuing to get me to easily go to sleep at night.  I was thinking it should be stocked in drug stores next to the sleeping pills! After reading part of your book on sound healing, I understand better the many channels of communication in the body and the way that sound can affect and entrain them.  I have a new understanding of what may be behind insomnia and why all the magnesium pills and melatonin do not work that well.  Perhaps it just that the vibrational frequency of the body is off base from all the stress of overworking and your music is able to entrain it back to a more healthy frequency.  I have had a long history of overworking and even though now retired, I think the effect of that stress may still be with me. Maybe it is the serotonin that your music creates that helps with sleep. The sleep was so good that two separate unfinished projects were accomplished. Thank you. Mike K.

Paint your Soul, it is kind of like what I would imagine a Mermaid singing under the ocean - or less dense beings in the reaches of outer space.  Take your pick!  It's interesting that one cannot make out the words and yet there is something familiar and encouraging in them.  Moon Stone


While listening to Paint Your Soul, I felt deep healing happening. I was sitting at my computer writing when I first listened to it, and when the CD ended, I felt such profound Peace and lightness. Even though I was in "thinking" mode while listening to it, the music resonated right into my being. It truly is healing music for your Spirit and Soul. Since I am a practitioner of Energy Medicine and use Sacred Geometry in my practice, I now more deeply understand the extraordinary power of our own Sacred Geometry, because that is who we truly are. Using music to resonate with Sacred Geometry is utterly sublime!  

Excellent, Excellent, Excellent!!! author: Keith David Henry





author: Geraldine S

We on the spiritual path are looking for answers, for as much as a plateau is reached in spiritual development, there is always more to learn and to feel. Jill's CD-PAINT YOUR SOUL-is just the vehicle to carry us higher and higher. Resonating with the chakras, the body's energy centers, this music frees from worldly concerns and takes the Spirit to the Next Step Up!!  I play it often and for long periods of time. Thank you for your artistry and skill.


OMG, I am listening to Paint your Soul while crafting, and it is incredible!!! HPs Peace Whitehorse Ordained Minister Order of the White Moon I got goosebumps several times while listening, and I also teared up a couple of times. 


Several years ago, my brother introduced me to crystals. He was experimenting and believed they possessed certain powers of healing and inner revelation. I didn't know whether or not I felt that, but I knew there was something to it because whenever I was around the crystals, I could kind of hear this high pitched sound. It was weird because it was sort of in my ears but not in my ears...almost like it was in my head.


Recently my brother sent me a link to Jill Mattson's web site. There was an article discussing a kind of music that you could hear in your head and not in your ears. I listened to music from a free download on her site and afterward noticed that same high pitched sound in my head only with the crystals, it was kind of in the background and not so discernable...almost like I had to be still to hear it.

With this music I listened to, the sound was clear, pronounced

and sustained with an intriguingly soothing effect. My brother called this a download. There is something else. Almost immediately after listening to the music (which I later found out contained Solfeggio Frequencies), I felt and strange endearment almost affection towards my house plants. Very strange and calming. I don't know exactly what is going on...but I love it.  :)  Keith L                                       


author: Geraldine S

We on the spiritual path are looking for answers, for as much as a plateau is reached in spiritual development, there is always more to learn and to feel. Jill's CD-PAINT YOUR SOUL-is just the vehicle to carry us higher and higher. Resonating with the chakras, the body's energy centers, this music frees from worldly concerns and takes the Spirit to the Next Step Up!!  I play it often and for long periods of time. Thank you for your artistry and skill.

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