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Healing Flower Symphonies Vol I & II

Dear Jill, I want to report an extraordinary healing episode I had as a result of listening to the song Agrimony from your Healing Flowers Symphony CD. As I lay listening to this song I felt the music begin to touch a particularly annoying fear that I have held for many years.  As a highly analytical person I have been very consciously aware of this fear, yet I had also been keenly aware that it had no logical basis.  But I have never sought out its source or attempted to deal with it. I suppose I have treated it like a thorn in the side, which I was destined to carry until, perhaps, it worked itself out. After listening to this song I found that this perennial fear had simply dissipated as if it had been dissolved by the music.  I know it was the music that was responsible (the "self-healing" aspect notwithstanding) because of the extreme resonance that occurred between that fear sensation and specific sections of the song.

Immediately after listening to the song, I was left with a sensation of extreme well being that manifested emotionally as a quiet effortless peace that had displaced the fear and seemed to seep into my whole being, and mentally as a picture of Mother Earth coddling me in her arms as if I were a small child being rocked to sleep.  It was an extraordinary experience. Thank you for your music!  I believe that many people will be greatly helped by your work. Keith David Henry

Orange Blossom

My experience of the Healing Flower Symphonies. My son has recently gone through an ugly divorce and not ever in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought that I had so much resentment, hostility, and rage towards an ex-daughter-in-law... priding myself (false pride) with being more evolved than that... WOW.... what a shock to my system to have seen the darkness in myself that we all have lurking somewhere within us...... I prayed, put myself on the prayer list, meditated, went to threw professional counseling and nothing eased the negative feelings that would be recurrent in an instant... I began playing Jill’s music on my daily journey to and fro to work... I noticed that my feeling of inner peace was restored...the keyword here is "FEELING." Within my heart center and within the recesses of my mind healing and calming were taking place from Jill’s music...also my granddaughter has repercussions from the divorce. At night she goes to sleep listening to the music and loves it... she runs to her bed jumps in and eagerly awaits to hear the sounds.... she is five years old and it is having a calming effect on her as well...there are many modalities of healing.... music, and sounds seem to be a method that helps me accept the gentleness of rhythms of healing...Madeline Nickles

Jill, I've been listening to your Healing Flower Symphonies. I feel the chimes in different areas of my heart and being. The first listen was an adjustment to sound effects but, once I did, sound rippled deep and through me. You were right, this is not for the faint of heart because you release negative emotions, but my experience has NOT been unpleasant. In fact, it is heightening things I was feeling and I became clear in my perceptions. I am going through a time of significant change and this is just what the doctor ordered for me to reach my highest good. I am releasing my negative emotions and still, you make this so palatable. I'm using the Flower Symphonies to release any discomforts I held on to that keep me from my spiritual development. I am more confident and at ease with life. Science and spirituality can combine to heal. You do it lovely-I thank you. Susan Caroll

Thank you, Jill, for working for so long on and sharing such gorgeous musical compositions. Your innovative techniques and integrative healing methods are an inspiration to practitioners and musicians alike!  It is because of the dedicated work of healers like you that the understanding and research of Flower Essence Therapy continues to thrive across the globe. Your comment on the inaudible sounds of a rose petal is especially insightful; what else is beyond our threshold for sound yet affects us every day?   Thank you for such extraordinary compositions!   Alli Sievers, On behalf of the Flower Essence Society

Thank you so much for those healing sounds and songs. They have inspired within me a rejuvenation renascence. As a little kid I have been abducted by MILAB operations then blank slated. This left horribly deep pockets of PTSD that I am now dealing with. The hardest part is you can't remember what you PTSD because of the blank slating. However, the Flower Symphonies are extracting my PTSD and unknown toxic emotions. By far the most effective treatment I have yet come across in my work. Absolutely brilliant. With the deepest gratitude, Ryan Stallman


"When I listen to the Flower Symphonies, I got goosebumps all over my body...not the creepy kind, just a wonderful feeling of ‘unity’". Love & Gratitude, Elizabeth & Kate

Colorful Flowers

Heading 2

The Healing Flower Symphonies are highly recommended by me after this experience. I have already told others about these inspired recordings.  The positive impact that they are capable of having on every person that listens to them is much needed in this world of ours.  Musical notes, sounds, and frequencies have profound healing effects, and having the ability to tap into them with this CD set whenever we need "adjusted" emotionally is priceless! Maggie Bailey

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed listening to your Healing  Flower Symphonies CD. I was able to use the higher vibrations in the music to help lift up my energies.  I felt so much lighter!  Laura Pierett


Dear Jill; I received your lovely Healing Flower Symphonies Vol. 1 & 2 and have been listening to them every day since!  I do LOVE them!!  They really keep me uplifted and refreshed with a super "can-do" attitude. Thank you for all those lovely sounds! Love, Carol A


I had a deep, lingering sadness that lasted for almost six years.  After trying many energy healing modalities and not feeling successful, I found Jill’s work by coincidence.   I listened to Jill’s Healing Flower Symphonies for three months and felt a shift from sadness and helplessness to joy and empowerment. This is huge!  I love the symphonies and continue to listen because I know healing can be a process.  Finally, my ship came in with the name ‘Jill’ on it.  Thank you.” Kris Mitlas


I purchased the two Flower Symphonies, and use one every day.  I have a stressful job and these just help so tremendously. Mary Kay C


I played the Healing Flower Symphonies for my Guinea Pigs because they were being not so nice to one another. It really helped them. They were less irritating to each other right away. They laid down and listened to it, which I found to be very interesting. Thanks, Sharon Kachel


Jill. The first time I listened to the Flower Symphonies CD the initial response I had was tears of joy throughout the whole thing... Blessings, Lana Ryder Rosner

5.0 out of 5 stars Spectacular, Awesome!!! There is nothing quite like it! I found the Healing Flower Symphonies Cs to be breathtaking as I have found all Jill Mattson's CDs to be. You just close your eyes and you are transported to another world. You can feel strange things happening to you. You don't understand what is actually taking place but it feels very good indeed! It is most relaxing and also when you have listened to the CD several times you feel much better than you did before. I feel like my brain and body are actually receiving a calibration. I think Jill Mattson is an incredible human being and I highly recommend all her work. Thank-you Jill Mattson!!! BK

Spectacular, Awesome. Best meditation CD!!! Gets you to near sleep within five minutes which makes it a perfect manifestation system!!! Get in touch with your Higher Self quickly. Bobcat385


I just purchased Paint Your Soul & Healing Flower Symphonies Vol II.  They are like magic.  When I am listening to them, I feel so wonderful like I am in another realm. David Fine


5 Stars. A Most Profound Experience. I had a most profound experience listening to the various Bach Flower frequencies. My emotional responses ranged from giddiness to strong feelings of hunger to erotic impulses! My body also responded in other ways! I was utterly amazed by the range of thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations that were triggered by different Bach Flower frequencies in sound. I insistently respect the power of these unique frequencies and music to heal in a rather dramatic fashion. I highly recommend Healing Flower Remedies Volume 1 & 2 to both laymen and healing practitioners alike! Danny G


Dear Jill, I have an inner need to release feelings, emotions, or more negative cellular vibrations. Your music touches my body's subconscious condition. 

The release of negative feelings is a bit grainy and unpleasant, but they give relief. It sticks with me too…it widens my horizons a time period away from the music. Sam K


Dear Jill, What I experienced while listening was totally unknown to me at the time!  Wow, it is the first response!  I was awestruck and incredibly impressed with the impact that the musical symphonies had on my whole body. Some of the musical scores were actually what I would call disturbing at first at a very core level.  I found this interesting as I knew intuitively that there was something very important going on within my personal psyche that was much needed at the time. As I continued to listen on and move through the "disturbance" and the "discomfort" brought about by it, the entire feeling of discomfort left me and what I experienced after that was profound feelings of "rightness" for lack of a better word. Keith David Henry   Theoretical Metaphysicist, Author & Teacher

Jill Mattson is an amazingly talented musician. The Flower Symphonies are a powerful collection of musical arrangements that have obviously come from divine intuition and very artfully manifested. Our reactions to life and actions we take come directly from our emotional subconscious beliefs that get stuck in our cellular memory. This music helps erase and clear negative attachments and memories. It has powerful effects on the body and nervous system.  N Connor

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