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The Case for ~ DNA Dreams ~

~ The Sounds of our Genetic Codex ~


How Listening to Special Frequencies can affect our Total Well Being


One of the tenants of healing with Sound – of expanding yourself through Sound – is that by listening to/and being immersed in specific frequencies and matrices of sounds, our bodies, our energies, even our mental and physical states, can be impacted profoundly.


Why is this?


There are countless documented cases of how sound can affect and heal us. There are many theories, and though a complete explanation does not exist – a clear picture is emerging – with deeper understandings, intricate connections, and relationships being solidified every year.


To capture the essence of what is at work: every living and inanimate thing has an energetic aspect. Sound is vibrational energy. When the appropriate frequencies of sound interact with us and our environment (our bodies, our living spaces, pets, etc.), these sound frequencies can alter and transfer our fundamental energies. The Ancients learned this long ago. Some of these traditions have survived and passed down to us. There are numerous Modern Masters of Sound Healing, some famous, others obscure; fantastic work has been ongoing.


In this tradition,we are excited and pleased to introduce the latest work of Jill Mattson: DNA Dreams ~ The Sounds of our Genetic Codex ~.


Jill Mattson has broken new frontiers in the field of Sound Healing in her original composition: DNA Dreams ~ Sounds of our Genetic Codex~. Mattson has identified and extracted the precise frequencies of critical components of our DNA blueprint. She has structured a complex audio creation containing the sound frequencies of the four building blocks of our DNA: Adenine, Thymine, Cytosine, Guanine. Also included is Uracil (for RNA), frequencies of the elements Phosphorus, Oxygen, Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, ATP (stores chemical energy for the cell), and harmonic chains. 


A DNA molecule is a collection of recipes for making proteins. Since proteins are the machinery of life, DNA is the recipe for making an organism. What is the function of RNA? RNA builds the proteins based on the recipe in the DNA.


The collection – DNA Dreams – consists of 18 tracks, ~55 minutes in all. Each track has tiered layers of frequencies from our molecular DNA building blocks. Additionally, there is an overarching traditional musical score, which enhances and connects the overall listening experience. The symphony of tones harmonizes and resonates on a very subtle level. All frequencies used are in the audible range of the human ear. The pleasing musical structure is the matrix, which holds these DNA sound energies. The net effect is a rich sonic revelation. Tones of healthy DNA elements cascade throughout the tracks, bathing the listener in positive, consonant streams of sound.


Some Fibonacci sounds spiral mirror the double helix geometry of DNA. The Fibonacci sequences take the listener upward and resonate along the deepest pathways of our energetic scaffolds. Our bodies and our genetic records are purified and reinvigorated. There are sounds taken from the backbone of the complex DNA molecule, strengthening and infusing our chromosomes' very structure.

DNA Dreams has the exact sonic frequencies (in our audible range) for these four DNA bases. The frequencies are intermixed and combined – played separately and simultaneously to offer reinforcing energies to our personal DNA structures. And of course, DNA is found in EVERY cell in our body. The DNA double helix unwinds and replicates to form copies of itself as new cells are born.


Mattson’s DNA Dreams contains the sound frequencies derived from the vital elemental components of DNA. The frequencies of Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Carbon, and Phosphorus are embedded in all of the tracks.

The result of this creative effort is a deep matrix of many essential frequencies. It is like listening to a 100 piece orchestra where the violins mix with the cellos and horns, brass and woodwinds, and percussion instruments. Their notes combine and harmonize to produce a whole greater than the sum of its parts.


Mattson’s symphony does have the actual notes from the piano, violins, and other exotic instruments, along with the music of nature, tones from star orbits, and more. She also has the sounds of the Fibonacci chains intertwined with the frequencies of DNA bases and more. Listen to the constitutional elements making up the DNA in our bodies at every level. This “orchestra” offers energies in the form of sound frequencies, which our bodies can absorb as needed.


There is a pleasing musical experience that goes on simultaneously with the fields of DNA frequencies. The longer and more often played, the more significant the overall effects.


Finally, Mattson believes that there is a transcendent opportunity possible if the listener can intensely focus and clear everything out of their mind/consciousness and deeply listen to these works. The closest example that comes to mind is connecting profoundly and intentionally with nature. Think of a spiritual experience at a waterfall or sitting on the edge of the Grand Canyon.


Dive Deeper

Precedents for Mattson's DNA Listening


Specific Sound Frequencies and Therapies have been shown to impact subjects in numerous ways, briefly described below. Mattson points out - in her experience - Sound Healing can employ Music as well as specific frequencies... and almost endless combinations of these. Some well-documented areas that have demonstrated results include:


  • Stress reduction and relaxation benefits

  • Sleep improvement

  • Blood pressure reduction & management (even in extremely stubborn cases)

  • Pathogen attack and treatment of illnesses (flu and viruses)

  • Relief with breathing issues (Allergy and even Emphysema)

  • Accelerated healing of broken bones and damaged tissues (often bad cases)

  • Specific frequencies can be "Vibrational Versions" or what Sharry Edwards calls "Frequency Equivalents" TM of a vast array of specific items or compounds, such as:

    • Vitamins and minerals

    • Nutrients and related compounds

    • Elements such as Carbon, Oxygen, Sodium etc.

    • Pathogen and "Anti-pathogen" agents (viruses, biotics, and antibiotics...)

    • Human organs/tissues/compounds or components of these items

    • And many more

The Subtle Energy Connection


Another aspect of using Sound Energies for profound change is Sound's ability to interact with Subtle Energy... First, we should introduce the concept of Subtle Energy for those readers not familiar with it. Subtle Energy is a form of energy that has not been directly measured or detected. Its presence and profound influences are widely accepted in many traditions (including many Ancient Cultures, Spiritual Populations, Physic and Alternative Health advocates, and even cutting-edge Scientists...). Subtle Energy is thought to be a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms. It can affect the material, as well as the etheric and emotional & intellectual planes. It is an extremely "tiny" form of energy that currently cannot be detected with modern instruments. It is believed by many that Subtle Energy is at the root of many mysteries - such as: physic abilities, most "miracles", unexplained healings, and many more phenomena - that we know are real - but go against our current scientific models.


The crucial link between Mattson's "DNA Sounds" work and Subtle Energy is that Subtle Energy can be molded and carried on some Sound Energies - special vibrational frequencies. Further, Subtle Energy can interact with material things (such as Human DNA) and other forms of energy ... but it must be made available and accessible to us - and that is one of the things that Sound Healing and appropriate sound frequencies help accomplish.


To use an analogy to help clarify the role of Sound Energy to help us receive and use Subtle Energy - think about how we often need supplemental vitamins or minerals to help us digest or absorb certain compounds or nutrients. For example, if we take Calcium with Vitamin C we can absorb the Vitamin C better into our systems and our body can more completely utilize the Vitamin C - as opposed to taking Vitamin C by itself (most all of it quickly passes out of our bodies through the urine).


More on Subtle Energy


The modern physicist cannot explain a fundamental subatomic particle's behavior, such as the electron, without invoking a wave nature. Researchers into the body’s subtle-energy systems speak of the intricate marriage of matter and energy. A compelling picture is emerging that paints the human organism as a complex of interacting subtle-energy systems. This knowledge has made external adjustment and rebalancing of these subtle-energy fields possible. Some people firmly believe that the subtle-energy states return to the proper balance by applying the appropriate vibrational energy - restoring health and well-being. This understanding is the basis of many ancient healing traditions, such as acupuncture.  More recently, creative healers have found that sound waves adjust the subtle-energy fields, producing a myriad of related benefits. This insight into the influential, omniscient role of vibrational energy in our universe will someday yield a complete explanation of why sound is capable of producing profound transformations in our consciousness and our bodies. 


Groundbreaking work using frequencies

derived from living systems:



Earlier researchers foreshadowed the idea of deriving frequencies and music from our DNA - and using these compositions to strengthen and reinvigorate our very genes. Probably the most famous was Joel Sternheimer. Sternheimer studied plants and devised a way to construct musical compositions based on the building block amino acids and proteins that make up a plant's structures. When he played the resulting "music" to the appropriate plants, the results were impressive: plants exposed to the frequencies (or notes) derived from their amino acids grew several times faster and larger. They were more resistant to disease and pests; these plants' fruit was much larger and more plentiful. The "music" Sternheimer developed harmonized and "tuned" the plants' internal structures - the end result was simply far healthier plants.


Everything has an energetic aspect and hence a frequency signature, which is characteristic of that thing. Exposing a substance or living cell to “pure” frequencies – that make up that substance – can strengthen and reinforce the entity – even at an atomic or molecular level.


Joel Sternheimer, a French physicist, discovered that “while a protein forms from its 20 constituent amino acids, the amino acids (movements) considerably slow down. At this reduced speed, a vibration or a frequency can be calculated…and transcribed into acoustical bandwidth of a note….”[1] Sternheimer found - in his work with plants - that the vibration of each amino acid correlates to a note. Suppose you play the notes corresponding to the amino acids in the order that they are combined in a protein, a melody results. Amazingly when Sternheimer played the "amino acids’ songs" back to the subject plant, he documented up to 250 percent accelerated growth. Also, resilience to drought and disease was improved.[2]


“According to New Science, ‘Sternheimer claims that when plants hear the appropriate tune of a protein, they produce more of that protein. Each plant has a different sequence of notes to stimulate its growth.”[3] Sternheimer also writes tunes that inhibit the synthesis of protein.’ In other words, undesirable plants (weeds, for instance) could be deterred.”[4]


“Sternheimer writes that in experiments, tomatoes exposed to his melodies grew two-and-a-half times as large as those, which were untreated. Some of the treated tomatoes were sweeter in addition to being significantly larger.[5]


“According to Sternheimer’s research, each molecule in our body can be reactivated through resonance if it ‘hears’ its corresponding molecular melody.”[6]


Sharry Edwards


Another Modern Master of Sound is Sharry Edwards. Edwards' life work reveals that specific nano-frequencies can be detected within our voices and emanating from our bodies. These minute sounds contain clues to our physical and mental states of being. Many believe that these sounds indicate whether the body's forces are in proper balance or out-of-harmony.  Sharry discovered that by carefully applying the appropriate frequencies, harmony is restored to the dissonant or diseased systems; the corresponding optimum spiritual and mental states are also created to empower healing and growth.


Edwards' life work produced an entirely new field of science, which she has named BioAcoustics. This emerging discipline studies the interactions and applications of  Sound Frequencies to living organisms. Edwards has been able to identify what she terms "Frequency Equivalents" of many physical objects - living and inanimate. Her genius to apply Frequency Equivalents in a vast array of cases often achieves excellent results.


Edwards innately recognized that specific sounds correlated to physical issues. She was born blessed with an extraordinary sense of hearing, which was significantly enhanced after a near-death experience. Analogously, dolphins can receive (and transmit) sound frequencies about ten times greater than the average human ear's range. This ultrasonic ability gives the dolphin critical information about the complex world around them.  They also can communicate advanced information at great distances. This remarkable sense of hearing was responsible for Sharry’s first encounters with the enormous potential of sound. 


Sharr first experimented, creating harmonizing tones with her voice to alleviate the discordant sounds she perceived in others. Contrast Sharry’s ability with a person who is deaf from birth. A deaf person cannot naturally develop the ability to speak - Sharry learned to use her voice in superhuman ways, guided by her remarkable sense of hearing. 


In vastly diverse examples, Sharry was able to help people suffering from glaucoma, Emphysema, and traumatic muscular-skeleton injuries.  She gave these people sound generators that produce frequencies tailored to their afflictions. After regularly listening to the sound generators, these people showed remarkable improvement in their respective abilities to see and breathe; tissue and bone were regenerated, restoring the ability to walk and function normally. I (Jill Mattson) have personally experienced the incredible power of sound to empower the body to heal itself. I have long suffered from shingles. In my case, the viral outbreak occurs around my mouth and lips. This is extremely painful, as you can imagine. For years I suffered for 4 or 5 weeks at a time with each shingles attack. With Sharry’s guidance, I listened to specific frequencies aimed at strengthening my body’s subtle-energy fields and fighting the shingles virus - the results have been amazing. Today when I feel the onset of a shingles attack, I listen to the tones, and my symptoms decrease immediately - as compared to previously enduring a month or more of misery.


For those interested in more info on Sharry see Mattson's Book: Secret Sounds ~ Ultimate Healing. A new edition of the Edwards book is planned for release in 2021.


Section Summary


There has been a tremendous amount of fascinating work done using Sound Frequencies with living organisms to wondrous ends. DNA Music with embedded frequencies is yet another example of Sound Energy being utilized as a powerful tool to benefit living systems.

Possible Benefits from Mattson’s DNA Dreams


Are you open to the idea that ultimately everything is energy, and there are tremendous possibilities to affect ourselves profoundly? Alternative views may reside beyond the realms of modern science and medicine. Still, you may achieve some of the below benefits (reported by actual users) from listening to DNA Dreams:


  • Benefit every cell in your body; this can profoundly change the way you feel

  • Feel energized, fresh, even youthful

  • Clear your thoughts and intentions - replace old patterns with a deep sense of well being

  • Improve your mood, experience the release of negative emotions and depression

  • Increase vitality and enjoy far less "downtime" with enhanced productivity

  • See stress dissolve away and motivation soar

  • Increase your appetite for natural, healthy foods and drinks - AND reduce cravings for unhealthy ones

  • Listeners consistently use the words: Centered, Balanced, Clear, Grounded, Stable, Well, Energized, Reinvigorated, In Harmony with all, Peaceful, Healthy, "An energetic massage for your insides" when describing their experiences with Mattson's DNA Dreams.


Both DNA and RNA carry genetic material, but there are many differences between the two. DNA really is the blueprint for life as it contains all the genetic material in a cell that will be passed down when reproduction occurs. While DNA is responsible for storing and transferring genetic material, RNA provides the codes for amino acids. After they are transported to ribosomes in the cell, they form proteins crucial to maintain healthy cells. Mattson's CD contains the frequencies to tune up DNA & RNA structures - and keep them strong and healthy - maintaining a cell’s proper functioning.


New cells are formed throughout your body continuously. Accurate, healthy cell production relies on the precise replication of new cells driven by DNA processes. Keep your DNA pristine and functioning correctly to the ward off mutations and degeneration. Most experts agree that aging is due to mutations and the production of rogue cells… this is the beginning of most cancers. Reinforce and stabilize the most important systems in your body: DNA and RNA.


Disclaimer – no claims of medical cures are implied or promised. Although much scientific research helped to build this music. it is NOT intended to serve as a medical diagnosis or treatment in any way. If you have illnesses, see your physician.

This work falls out of the realm of conventional science and modern medicine. No cures or medical advice is intended or implied in any way. If you want to try an entirely new approach – based on fundamentals of energetic vibrational interactions and that you believe that you are at your core an energetic being, then this work might be what you are looking for.


End Notes


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