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Deep Wave Body Healing

Beautiful, my body pains just vanished. Siddardha Renduchintala

Jill's innovative meditation CD is comprehensive--a collection of colors, toning, times of day that each organ reflects, and facets of other alternative schools of thought. Jill adds these other dimensions to give as much information about each organ as possible. Repeated listening helps to memorize and then apply the program as needed, even when the CD isn't playing. Her descriptions of each organ assist the visualization process, and the assignment to release the negative emotions verbally is what makes the program extra powerful. I have noticed my plants growing abundantly in the same room where I regularly play the CD. Playing the CD at night, even if I fall asleep before it's finished, leaves me feeling refreshed and rested when I wake. I like that there is no 'effort' involved. You don't have to do the assignments. Merely having the sounds playing in the background can also be super beneficial. Susan G

I love the Deep Wave Body Healing CD. The composer gently guides the listener through a cleansing and harmonizing process of the individual organs. The result is that you become very conscious of your body and ultimately aware of any environmental stimuli that may harm it. I listen to this CD weekly, and I recommend it for those who are healthy or those who are ailing.  FM

Hi Jill, Deep Wave Body Healing CD bestows a new level of awareness and potential of feelings for life. With love, VH

OMG!!!!! I plugged into this CD (Deep Wave Body Healing) this afternoon and I didn't stop buzzing until 5 pm! My body was so-o-o receptive to this energy, and it did its own releasing.  Wonderful. Dee Valenski


I went into deep isolation after the death of my beloved dog. This CD, Deep Wave Body Healing, was the only thing that got me through this dark time. It lifted me up in every way - out of a deep abyss. Melinda Carver


I recently broke my kneecap, and I immediately start listening to your music. I could really feel the resonance in my body and kneecap. There were particular emotions that really resonated too. I listened every day for three months. As a result of all your beautiful music, the surgeon says that he cannot even see where the break was! Vicki Dynes

Hi Jill, I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know how grateful I am for the work that you do, it's really helped with my healing over the past few months. I was in a terrible car accident in October, and I've been listening to your CDs and videos, and it's sped up my healing. My doctors can't imagine that I've been healing so quickly, and I know a big portion of it is due to your work. I've introduced your work to my children as well, and they have really enjoyed it. Kindest Regards, Lorie Paul


“Hi, I have been listening to your music and it caused very specific body reactions. My body would heat up and I could feel Heat down my spine.     I am a Reiki Master so I have felt these sensations before.  Thank you for your work, it is much appreciated.” Therese Moore 

Love Has Imprinted My Physical Heart… I FEEL Transformed!!!  HS


I was afflicted with a very bad head & chest cold on Sunday.  That evening I could not sleep at all, and nothing in terms of medicine was working. I decided to put ALL of Jill’s CDs in my 5 disc carousel and played them as I lie down.  During the music, everything that was blocking my respiratory system, throat, and the digestive system began to remove itself from my body.  It was truly a breakthrough that enabled me to fully recover the following day & enabled me to do my talk show with a regular voice & energy. Jill’s music is truly powerful and is very much on the cutting edge of a rediscovery of ancient remedies healing the body mind & spirit.  Gary D. Purifory Co-OwnerThe Community Listening Network

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