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Deep Wave Beauty Music Collection

Deep Wave Beauty includes the frequency equivalents of essential vitamins and nutrients critical to healthy skin. Collagen, muscles, and skin tissues of the face and neck are lifted and firmed through gentle toning energies.

This amazing CD achieves the ultimate in combining a wonderful listening experience with numerous embedded vibrational frequencies - targeted to nourish, firm, and renew your face's appearance. The eight tracks range from 3 to 12 minutes and offer an interesting variety of content and musical creativity. Enchanting New Age-Classical music provides a soothing structure for the overall adventure; spiritual peace, mental tranquility, and Deep Wave body relaxation result. The vibratory essences of essential vitamins and nutrients along with the frequencies beneficial to collagen, muscles, and skin tissues are injected in all the tracks on this CD.

Exciting recent developments in Alternative Health and Wellness use special sound frequencies to produce remarkable results. Jill Mattson's Deep Wave Beauty system is a unique new effort in this field that can help you look and feel, younger, and more beautiful.

The beautiful music provides the structure of the overall experience. The listener attains peace and calmness; Emotions and stress quiet; Spiritual peace and mental calm and Deep Wave Body Relaxation are bestowed uplifting Inner and outer beauty.

The Deep Wave Beauty CD consists of 8 original tracks all rich in multidimensional music interwoven with special vibrational frequencies (close to an hour in length). These frequencies convey targeted, healing energies to benefit our holistic nature:

  • The CD contains the frequency-equivalents of important vitamins and nutrients. These substances revitalize and renew the skin, musculature, tissues and collagen of the face and neck area. (Frequency-equivalents of vitamins A, C, B, B4 B6, B12, E and Resveratrol are included to nourish.) Frequencies related to collagen and facial muscles are layered into the music. Healthy collagen stimulates and strengthens the skin structure.


When one listens to the frequency equivalent of niacin, his face flushes the same as if he had ingested the nutrient. The language of the body perhaps is mathematics - expressed by frequencies.

When you ingest niacin, does your body count the cycles per second of the vibrational energy? Is this why listening to the frequency equivalent of niacin creates the exact same face flushing that the actual nutrient creates. This CD contains frequency equivalents of vitalizing vitamins and nutrients. You absorb sound!

Mattson's extraordinary music serves as the catalyst, helping the listener achieve an optimum state of mind and soul to fully receive the healing energies in a setting of beautiful uplifting, and relaxing music. The end result empowers one to effectively renew herself. The music guides the listener to a great state of calm, stilling the mind and giving a deep meditative state maximizing the overall benefit.

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