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Crystal Realms

This music makes me feel surrounded by unconditional love!

My dizziness is gone and I am clear-headed after listening. 

I feel like I have died and have gone to heaven when I hear this music.

My sullen withdrawn low functioning autistic girl listens to Jill Mattson's music, loves it, hums to it, and becomes joyful. She now interacts with me, her mother and father, and other family members. 


Wow, your music is really incredibly healing! After listening to your music, I felt the divine mother energy surround me in a large dose of unconditional love. Thank you for the blessings of your healing music. Peace, Sarah


Dear Jill,  This music brought tears to my eyes at first, and weeks later still leaves me in a state of contemplative quietude after listening. Now it seems to be part of me…having helped me to feel "at home: with peace…some of its melodies and phrases well up in my mind at unexpected moments now, reassuringly, like old friends remind me that peace awaits at the end of a day. Judy Stitt


Jill, I was feeling light-headed and dizzy until I listened to your Cosmic Realms for just a few seconds, and the dizziness was gone.  I could feel beautiful energy just flow through me.  It is great. Rhonda B


Dear Jill, Cosmic Realms is a winner on all realms!  Diane M


Wow, your music is truly incredible.  When I close my eyes and listen to it I feel like I have died and gone to heaven.  I can feel it transforming me even though I don't know what's happening.  You are incredible!!!  Thanks so much, Michael Lareegan


This song made me feel like I was rising out of my body. I felt like I was doing a Sema ritual and actually rose closer to heaven. I felt pressure on the top of my head as if I was trying to burst out of myself. Rebecca Kahns


 I love your music. It always makes me feel really good and puts me in a positive mood within minutes. And it really came in handy yesterday. lol. never thought of using it this way before. Behind my house, there's an alley, which people do drugs and stuff. I turned up your music and after a few minutes - they all left. lol. I guess they couldn't attune to the high frequency. Brought back the harmony to my area. So thank you again. Linda Dyar Papa


Dear Jill, Your music is amazing. I chanted and received while listening. I just took a couple of photos and look at what I saw!  I have seen one light of purple or pink but never anything as abundant as these lights on me. I believe the music has brought this life and light to me! Does this make sense to you? Look like the light is working hard! Love, Cindy. 


Dear Jill, I’ve noticed that after listening to your music that my feet which are usually on angle inwards like this \ / are now much flatter to the floor (: Also, my crystal has been swinging in a 24 point star (: <3 Leiyra


Dear Jill, I have taken aura photos of my crystal before and after they listen to your Crystal Realms, and they light up like a Christmas Tree after listening! Thanks, Frannie K


Jill, my intake of your beautiful music…When I was 8 years old I nearly drown and had a life after death experience. Long story short, your music is as close to the sounds I experienced in that near death experience than anything I've ever heard.  Hope my story makes you feel more like a little angel than anything burdensome or heavy.  Judy F


Hello there, my name is Debbie, I have a little autistic daughter, Tina Marie. Tina is low functioning, doesn't talk or want to communicate. She spends her time cutting paper. That is all she wants to do….


One day we found Jill and her frequencies ….we listened to them for awhile. When playing we were looking forward to the peaceful feeling we received... unaware that they would affect Tina in any way...


To our surprise, my sweet little daughter put down her paper that she loves so very much to cut. She ran to one radio, to the other, smiling, humming, and singing. Her mood changed from down trodden and sullen to bright and responsive. She would lay her ear right on the radio. When that one quit she would run to the next room where another was playing and put her ear directly on that radio. She loves them and gets very upset, when they stop. She actually responds to them like we have never seen her do to anything before.

In the morning when she rises the first thing we have to do is get all the radio going with all the frequencies, I have never seen her show so much joy.


We have them on all day now …different CDs in every room changing them occasionally. Her mood has changed drastically she seems much more at peace. She seems to be opening up to us, providing more interaction. She absolutely loves the music and tends to try to hum what she is hearing.


What a blessing to have happened on Jill's frequencies… she has been a wonderful blessing to our family…Tina opens up and responds to us as never before.  We are just beginning to know, that sweet little beautiful girl that was always so in herself. And we are finding a beautiful loving, little spirit inside her. Thank-you, Jill. ~~Debbie

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