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Cosmic Streams

Cosmic Streams is outstanding!  I wanted to report my experiences after listening to the meditation:
1) My whole body felt lighter and more relaxed

2) I experienced a new and a stronger sense of purpose

3) A spirit guide (or whatever) named Malcolm, with whom I have had conversations in the past but almost 20 years ago, and not since then, suddenly "appeared" again.  Keith David Henry

I am so inspired by your book, Jill.  Something in me is shifting, and I don't know what or where it is going, but you have changed my life!

Dear Jill, I can't overemphasize the profound healing experience listening to your Chakra Healing CD, Cosmic Streams, has been for me!  Some of the results are practically instantaneous! Dianthas H

As a worker of subtle energy myself for many years, I am aware that many energy shifts in our personal lives are unnoticeable in the short term.  But with your Chakra Healing CD, I experienced immediate energy shifts in my body and the removal of blockages that resulted in extreme feelings of well-being. Within days I had extremely lucid insights into myself and into the events around me.  The healing reinforced and facilitated the acceptance of self and circumstances as one, resulting in positive personal experiences that reinforced self-love. This produced extremely pleasant outer circumstances that had been previously blocked.  The result has been an enigmatic sense of peace, confidence. This is saturating my life as we speak. Thank you for your work! John Smith Theoretical Metaphysicist, Author & Teacher


Dear Jill, I have an inner need to release feelings, emotions, and negative cellular vibrations. You touch upon my body's subconscious knowledge or condition. It was a relief to get rid of old pain, what a relief. It sticks with me, too. It widens my horizons a time away from the music.

After that first day of using the Chakra Streams, I felt a whole lot better.  I walk or hike almost every day, and the hike I took yesterday was unlike any other.  I felt lighter, healthier, and stronger so I think I must have cleared out a whole lot of stuff:) 

Well, it's been now a couple of weeks that I've been listening to your music, and I have noticed positive changes in my behavior.  For example, I've started enjoying being outside rather than staying in; I've been going to the gym more regularly; I feel the desire to connect with people which is entirely new to me; when it's time to make decisions, the mental process feels more tranquil, and I reach a decision faster; I feel less affected by the unpleasant moments of life. thank you for the healing Tim


"I felt that go into my heart chakra and up to my throat. My arms felt heavy, and my hands were tingling." - Monique in London


 Surrounded by love. Felt Angels around me. Thank you with much.  Sandy in Alpine, CA

Very peaceful, saw bright violet flames. Whole-body tingling. Amazing experience. Diane in San Antonio


I felt swirls of rainbow light energy swirling around my entire body. Very powerful. Myra N


Saw sacred geometry images when I closed my eyes. Soles of my feet are tingly. Nether N


Omg. If we listen to these one full day, we are going to find wings in our backs. Awesomely awesome. Layne


That was so beautiful. I felt like I was swimming peacefully underwater, and then I started to sing a spontaneous song — 'We have forgotten who we are, it is time to remember".


OH, the Cosmic Dreams!!!  I feel as though warm water was poured down through my core - I can feel the energy. Absolutely wonderful feeling! It sent me to a place I haven't visited before. Ahhhhhhh!!!  Holly Matson


This one (sacral) resonated profoundly in me. I almost cried. I felt that I could live in these sounds, information & ideas forever! Thank you so much. Lisa in Paris

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