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Angels & Masters 

Contacting Angels and Masters is an educational CD with guided meditations. 


  1. Sound Energy – How it changes YOU – Body, Mind & Soul!

  2. Angels & Ascended Masters

  3. Your Birthday, Frequency & Colors

  4. Relating Frequencies to Physical & Psychological Issues

  5. Absorbing Beneficial Gifts through Sound

  6. The Rainbow & Angel Meditation Garden – Feeling Angel’s and Master’s Energies

  7. Meet & Greet Your Guides: Angels & Masters

  8. Communicating with & Strengthening your Relationship with Angels & Masters

This CD teaches how sound energy influences us - on physical, mental and emotional levels. In one meditation you bathe in the subtle energies of the angels and masters, and in yet another, you are taken on a journey to meet your guides, usually a group of angels and masters that can help you in a variety of situations.

Contacting Angels and Masters includes subtle energies in the background:

  • Channeled Energies of Ascended Masters & Angels

  • Schumann frequency – Associated with Healing & Grounding

  • Frequencies of Master Numbers

  • Chakra Tones, Crystal Tuning, Elemental Sounds

  • Sounds Associated with Sacred Geometry

  • Music in the key signature of the Ray of the Angel or Master


Become "enlightened" regarding how sounds and colors relate to angels, masters and yourself! Discover your fundamental frequency and how to keep that tone in balance.

  • Select Angels and Masters to personally work with YOU based on your needs - to aide you - physically, mentally and emotionally.

  • After guided meditations, recognize and absorb subtle energies for healing and enlightenment - energies associated with angels, masters and the rays, next learn ways to communicate and recognize their communications to you!

  • Finally, take a guided meditation to meet and greet your guides, angels and masters that are aligned with you to guide and protect and deduct you!

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