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Contacting Angels & Masters

"The Angel Garden music felt like angels dancing across my cheeks"   Layne K

“I feel so connected to the Angels, rainbow colors, and musical sounds. I am totally sealed and “One” with this music. This CD is very, very powerful.” TN


This helped me to recognize the presence of angels and ascended masters. A big upward movement for me! Susan J

I just bought this CD and absolutely LOVE it! The first few tracks are informational and interesting, but instead of someone taking AT you, it is a lovely lilting narration with music, reinforced by the inside cover of the jewel case that provides the corresponding info about your birth sign, musical pitch, and color! Later you are given the pitch and color associated with many angels and ascended masters. All this helps you understand the angels and ascended master's rays and how that relates to you!

While all that was very interesting, the best part was the meditation track where you get to know the angels and ascended masters, while bathing in each of their rays. It is a full immersion in the rainbow of rays that left me completely filled with their loving energy and feeling very blissy! The next day I was busy, but listened to the meditation track again, and even though I was only half-listening, while tasking, I got to enjoy the same blissful love feeling again!!

This CD might literally replace your hot soak in a bathtub when you need to relax and reset your mood to feel more loving!! Maybe you have children that challenge or exhaust you but you want to respond to in a loving, patient way. Or listen when you've been upset by someone or want to get into a very loving state before meeting with someone challenging. I plan to use it to clear my energy field. Jill is a gem of a channel and talented musician and this CD is a real gift to the world!!  L. McDonald


“I studied sound energy, color, corresponding frequency, and astrology for some time. Jill has combined this information and added the angels and masters to it in this CD. It is magnificent! She explains and takes you through the various aspects of how to get the energy that you need most. Her knowledge is extensive. Her meditations are magical...I wanted more! She is a talent of the Renaissance having written, researched, and composed the entire CD. She performed and sang the music, and finally creating the lovely cover. She is a Total Talent. I would highly suggest this CD to everyone interested.”   Joanne Snow


“I listened to the Angel Garden from the Contacting Angels and Masters CD. I went into a state of bliss and connectivity to higher beings. I downloaded high energies and felt joy and love for hours. Lennie P

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