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Crystal Quartz is a naturally occurring mineral. Its crystalline structure is a continuous network of Si (silicon) and O (oxygen) atoms. The geometry of the SiO2 (chemical formula of Quartz) is a tetrahedron or pyramid shape. Quartz possesses all of the qualities and benefits of natural Sacred Geometry. Silicone (Si) is used in modern electronics to make microprocessors. Extremely pure Si can transmit enormous amounts of information and process instructions at amazing rates. A crystal quartz prism can split white light into the full spectrum (rainbow) of colors - even reaching into the ultraviolet - beyond human perception. Light and Sound are both forms of wave energy, & similarly, quartz crystals can emit and manipulate sound frequencies to great effects.

Each musical instrument creates its own unique harmonics, a pattern of after-sound ripples that go on and on to influence our bodies and consciousness. The material that is producing the vibrations is key - metal instruments emphasize one pattern of harmonics, wood instruments another and crystal instruments yet another! We believe that the properties of quartz crystals are even more powerful when they interact with sonic vibrational energy. Just as a high quality, handmade, seven-metal singing bowl can impart specific energies for each of the metals that comprise it, an instrument made of quartz has unique abilities. Some report that the crystalline structure of the body responds deeply to the oscillations produced by other crystals.


The Difference between the two Crystal Tuning Forks

Learn how to use the Crystal instruments by watching the how-to videos on the sales pages of each fork and the Crystal Nightingale.

Many, many people have asked the difference between the 528 hertz and the 432-hertz crystal tuning fork. So I thought to answer that here for all of you!

Each fork (432 and 528) is very different, almost opposite of each other, considering they are both crystals. In follows that they each have unique benefits, quite different from each other.

The 432 crystal fork produces depth, stillness, and a sense of calm energy; a vibration where deep healing takes place. The 528 crystal fork massages the heart, amplifying love and your energy. It makes your energy feel like a fountain of joy.

            Crystal Singing Pearls or Crystal Bowls?

  • Both are made from quartz crystal - a powerful natural mineral - to produce strong, pure vibrational energy.

  • Mattson's Pearls are more exact in producing a specific frequency than a bowl is capable of.

  • The Singing Pearls are easy to transport and store in their own carry case Metal case - 24" X 17" X 6". Crystal bowls are large and bulky.

  • The crystal tuning forks offer 8 frequencies and are much less expensive than a set of bowls covering the same range of frequencies.

  • The forks are easy to manipulate around your subject - or your own body - and to pinpoint an acupuncture, reflexology point or aura spot.

  • Two, or even more forks can be used together on the same person simultaneously. Often great results can be achieved by using two frequencies together.


Crystal Instruments

Frequencies produced by vibrating crystals are unique in all the world. Jill's research has unearthed how Ancient Masters used musical instruments made of quartz and other crystals. These instruments combined the energy of the crystals - and of the earth itself - with pristine musical tones. The results were wave-after-wave of clearing energy. Mystics understood the power of crystals to focus and manipulate energy, & have long used wands, made of long slender crystals of pure quartz. These crystal wands channeled energy and psychic information at incredible bandwidths.


Everything has consciousness, but the crystal kingdom has "ascended" and it has 5-dimensional consciousness. This higher consciousness deeply influences us when we listen to the crystal tuning forks and their 5th-dimensional harmonics. In China and Sumeria, archeologists have unearthed instruments made of rare materials - quartz, gemstones, and precious metals such as gold were found. Numerous channeling sessions report that the Ascended Hosts preferred above all else instruments made of crystals, gemstones, and precious metals. They report that the harmonics of such materials advance our consciousness and evolution.

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